Today's Features

  • “Earth to Echo” is the story of three kids hoping to save their homes from being torn down because of freeway construction. They stumble upon a small robotic-looking alien who is trying to find his ship to go back home. Meanwhile, government agents are trying to find him and stop him.

  • A couple of weeks ago, I became aware of a twist on a standard practice among young siblings: tattling.

    You know the practice. You probably engaged in it when you were a kid. I’m sure I did.

    Say you’re a kid, and your brother or sister does something they’re not supposed to. Obviously, mom or dad needs to be informed.

  • Fort Duffield, a Civil War site in West Point, has many supporters and one of its longtime friends is Connie Morris.

    Morris, who is from southwestern Jefferson County, has been the secretary of the Fort Duffield Heritage Committee for 20 years.

    “I’m the paper side of Fort Duffield,” Morris said. “The paper side and the publicity.”

  • By Shonna Sheckles

    I often sit back and wonder when tragedy befalls me; would I react the same way if I knew? I believe that I and others would try very hard to change the course of negative and hurtful things in our lives if we had a warning.

  • A few weekends ago, Tyler, my youngest cousin, got married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. His reception food was a little outside the norm, but delicious.

    Wedding guests each brought a dish and it literally was an old-fashioned potluck down on the farm. The wedding and reception took place at the family homestead, which he bought a few years ago.

  • This time of the year is wonderful with so many fresh fruits and vegetables. My husband’s garden is already providing tomatoes, cabbage, green peppers, zucchini, summer squash and beets.

  • Getting to know Anthony Conder
    Favorite author: Dean Koontz
    Hobbies: He enjoys playing X-box with his kids.  “I love to kill zombies,” he said. “If it gets too intense I will squeal.”
    Favorite music: Linkin Park

  • Despite an overwhelmingly negative response from critics, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” raked in $100 million at the box office opening weekend.

    But will audiences like what they see? The film isn’t as horrible as most critics made it out to be, but it has some problems.

    First off, it is very long. Almost three hours.

  • I have come to the realization I live a somewhat selfish life. I open a refrigerator full of food and claim I have nothing to eat or open a closet full of clothes and whine that I have nothing to wear.

    Most nights, I sit under the shelter and safety of a home and watch television only to complain about what I lack in life.

    It dawns on me how selfish my life is when I realize while I have all this there are children in our country and around the world who have none of these things.

  • By Susan Rider

    What would you pay if you could go to the store and purchase a bottle of time? What would you do with it and how much more would you value time? If time in a bottle was $5 per minute, how would that change your day?