Today's Features

  • A foot-tall cockroach statuette stands on Shawn Rich’s desk in his office at E-Town Exterminating, offering business cards to visitors.

    Throughout Rich’s office are many other oversized insects, replicas of real pests that Rich deals with in his line of work.

  • Next weekend, the streets of downtown Elizabethtown will be filled with colorful sidewalk art.

    Glendale artist Debi Fields will be involved in this year’s Via Colori, an artistic celebration bringing awareness to foster care support through event host New Begin­nings Family Services.

  • Via Colori, an annual street-painting festival in downtown Elizabethtown, has used a few slogans to promote the event, one of which is “Art Saves.”

    Event coordinator Dusty June Finch of Elizabethtown can vouch for that statement.

    “Via has a personal connection for me,” Finch said.

  • Probably the very best of Jo Ellen LaRue Thomas’ recipes is the one that didn’t make print last week. That is the Caramel Italian Cream Cake.

    I know this will be popular with many of you, even my one student that always tells me every time I see her she says, “Mrs. Sweat, I think of you every time I make an Italian Cream Cake.”

  • A group of friends have decided to try to get healthier, encouraging each other along the way.

    Typically, when we gather weekly the table is spread with a variety of munchies, snacks and desserts. These don’t lean on the healthy or low-calorie side.

  • Melvin Montgomery enjoys serving in the school system where he grew up.

    Montgomery, 62, has spent 18 years at Helmwood Heights Elementary School as a school custodian. He calls Helmwood his family.

    “It’s more than a job, (it’s) a calling from God,” Mont­gomery said.

  • Adjusting the thin, wooden sticks in her grasp, Paige Pence awaited the cue and then jabbed at pieces of wrapped candy across the table from her.

    Like the other half-dozen participants in the candy-grab game, Pence, 13, of Glendale, discovered — in addition to the confections — the fun she derived from the activity was a treat.

  • Kathryn Spalding always has seen life as an adventure and claims to be fearless.

    Above the door of her classroom, she would place the words “carpe diem” for students to see as they left. She tried to prepare them to seize every day and to learn the value of the written word.

  • Radcliff resident Vince Carman has cleared the path, literally and figuratively, for those who share his enjoyment of mountain biking.

    Carman, 40, designed the mountain bike trails at the annex ofSaunders Springs Nature Preserve in Radcliff. The trails are part of the park expansion which resulted from a lease agreement with Fort Knox.

  • Sylvester Stallone and friends are back again to wreak havoc and blow stuff up in “The Expendables 3.”

    This movie was filled with some good things and some problems.