Today's Features

  • The following property transfers are listed on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown. FMV means fair market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

    Tina Butterworth to Debra Lou Williams, 15023 Hardinsburg Road, Cecilia, $61,600.

  • The following marriage licenses have been issued by the Hardin County Clerk’s office.

    Sean Talbot Murphy, 49, and Trena Victoria Winters, 37, both of Vine Grove.

    Mark Lee Bailey, 60, and Sandra Kay Parsons, 60, both of Elizabethtown.

    Keith Marvin Fender, 67, Radcliff, and MaryJane Worland Boes, 58, Elizabethtown.

  • The following cases of Driving Under the Influence and the resolution of those cases are found in Hardin District Court. ADE is an abbreviation for Alcohol Driver Education, KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs. Birth year is in parenthesis for identification purposes.

  • The following building permit information has been obtained from the Hardin County Planning and Development Commission and the City of Elizabethtown Planning and Development. The name of the applicant, applicant’s address and use of permit are listed.

    Richard Yates, 9324 Leitchfield Road, Cecilia. Use: Detached assessory structure.

  • The following misdemeanor cases are found in Hardin District Court. KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs. Birth year is in parenthesis for identification purposes.

    Veronica E. Beltran-Espinosa (1981). No operator’s license. Sentenced to 30 days in jail, probated. Fined $100 plus court costs for a total of $244.

  • South Hardin News
    Daphne Turpin, 270-872-3223
    This is the last full week before Christmas. I hope everyone has their shopping finished and wrapped. The crowds have been many but everyone has been very polite this year thankfully.

  • Opal Ellis, great-great-grandmother and widow of E. John Ellis, gathered with four other genertions of her family on Christmas Eve 2013, great-grandfather Johnny A. Ellis, grandfather John D. Ellis, father Justin A. Ellis and his daughter, Amelia Rose Ellis, who was born Aug. 21, 2013, and also is the daughter of Aleia Ellis.   

  • White Mills
    Terri Spencer, 270-862-4604

    Gail Pike, 270-737-2973
    BIRTHDAYS. This week’s birthdays include Carole Padgett, Kenny Shively, Bailey Vinton, Scott Blair, Julia Holeman, Abbie Newton, Matt Reed, Amy Carr, Mike Colasanti and Chuck Padgett.

  • Howevalley
    Andrea Sherrard Gilpin. 270-735-7845
    KENTUCKY WEATHER. Cooler days are here again but they are saying maybe a little warm up is expected.
    Do you have your home decorated yet for Christmas? Many people do. We took Chloe to Christmas in the Park. She loved it. Lots of giggles and pointing.