Today's Features

  • In a fit of desperation and exhaustion that only comes with attempting to force my stubborn daughter to do something she didn’t want to do, I bought a parenting book.

    Now, I’m not normally one for self-help-type things. In the past, I looked down on that sort of thing, preferring to believe I could fix anything that was wrong with determination and my own brand of stubbornness.

    And then I became a parent. And lo, it was hard. And then I became a parent again and lo, it was even harder.

  • Radcliff Mayor J.J. Duvall swears in Walter Karr as a Radcliff Police officer April 28. Karr has served as a Vine Grove Police Officer and is going through field training as a Radcliff officer. Also pictured are Radcliff Police Chief Jeffrey A. Cross, left, and Capt. William Wells, right.

  • Recently, Garden Club of Elizabethtown members visited Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville. It was a beautiful day for a walk among the trees.
    Lee Squire, who has worked at Cave Hill for 40 years, was tour guide, He provided a description of the cemetery’s history and its 400 acres of trees, shrubs and flowers, many at their peak of blooming.  
    The group then enjoyed lunch at Cafe Lulu.


  • Hardin County A.M. Rotary Club member Rick Walters, left, and club President Daniel Tabb, right, welcome new member Leon Chambers, who joined the club April 14. Chambers is pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Elizabethtown.

  • In 23 years of marriage, Marion Whitehouse traveled the world with her soldier husband, building a family together.

    A certified chef from Germany, she has held a variety of jobs and titles along the way: line cook and assistant pastry chef, independent cleaning consultant, telemetry tech, cardiac scheduling coordinator, dietary director and a Kentucky Senior Support associate for the Lincoln Trail District Health Department and cashier at Aldi.

  • The following property transfers are listed on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown. FMV means full market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

    Matt Barnes Homes LLC to Daniel W. and Kristi B. Toms, 727 Greenwood Drive, Elizabethtown, $369,000.

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Autumnwood Homes Inc., 153 Twin Lakes Drive, Vine Grove, $58,800.

    Bluegrass Developers of Hardin County LLC to Big E Inc., 210 Riley Way, Elizabethtown, $30,000.

  • Drivers who complain about their 30-minute commute to work would bite their lip if they met Donald Travis.

    Travis, truck driver for A&M Carriers, LLC, works 60-70 hours every week and drives from 450-600 miles a day. After 26 years of driving, Travis was named Kentucky Truck Driver of the Year.

  • It wouldn’t be a stretch to say Jerry Foley’s life has gone to the dogs. And cats, too.

    Foley, 52, has been the Hardin County animal control supervisor since 1987. He retired briefly but soon returned to the job.

    He said he fell into the job because of his love of dogs, even taking a cut in pay from his previous job.

    “My dog’s never let me down. My dog’s always happy to see me. My dog’s never hurt my feelings,” he said. “So I guess I am a dog person.”