Today's Features

  • Stone Hearth Restaurant and Catering and food columnist and cookbook author Nora Sweat are teaming up for a special brunch.

    The “Mama and Me” brunch and buffet is 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday at the Elizabethtown restaurant. The meal costs $11.95 a person.

    The buffet features recipes from Sweat’s “Mama and Me” cookbook. A portion of cookbook sales will be donated to the Addison Blair Foundation.

  • There’s been a reversal of personalities in my house.

    Boo, the chocolate lab, has passed his bad-boy status along to Duke, the Corgi.

    For 11 years, Boo has held onto his reign of chief trouble maker but he has begun to mellow and Duke has made a run for the crown.

    Don’t get me wrong, Boo still has his moments. He continues to be wild when company is over. His endearing mischievous moments also are still going strong. Anyone who has a mischievous dog knows why we love these moments.

  • Ruth Hayden, 66, of Elizabethtown, leads a multifaceted life. She’s an avid gardener, musician and quilter.

    But this time of year, gardening takes most of her attention.

    While her family always had a garden when she was a child, her interest developed later. It was when she had her own place and ground to dig that the passion for gardening took off, Hayden said.

    Three years ago, Hayden and her husband, Joe, took a master gardener course.

    “It doesn’t make us experts by any means,” she said.

  • The GFWC Kentucky Fourth District Summer Workshop was July 21 at the Brown-Pusey House in Elizabethtown. Members from six woman’s clubs throughout the area participated. Diane Willis, left, GFWC Kentucky governor of the fourth district, is pictured with GFWC Kentucky Presdient Peggy Barnes. The workshop covered information with guidelines for recommended special community projects to be used by the woman’s clubs. A lunch was prepared and served by Diane Willis and Debbie Jones, who are both members of the Woman’s Club of Elizabethtown.

  • Booting up the computer and firing off an email might be commonplace for many, but for some, such tasks can be daunting.

    Adults who have been out of the workforce and out of school for many years are among those who take the basic computer class at Mulberry Helm Education Center in Elizabethtown. These nontraditional students have limited or no experience with computers.

    “They’re always afraid they’re going to tear it up,” Sandra Singleton, adult and community education instructor, said.

  • The Garden Club of Elizabethtown presented the 2012 Hardin County Fair Flower Show beginning July 9.

    One hundred thirty-five entries were received from 33 contributors. Thirty-three percent were Garden Club members, and 33 percent of the ribbons were won by members. Fifty-seven percent of the blue ribbons were members’ entries.

    Thirty categories in horticulture included specimen varieties of roses, marigolds, zinnias, dahlias, daylilies, calla lilies, coneflowers, African Violets, herbs, succulents, cactus, ferns and other blooming plants.