Today's Features

  • Eugene and Clotie Simmons celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Sept. 13, 2013.

    They were married Sept. 13, 1963, in Chicago and have lived in the Fort Knox and Radcliff area for 39 years.

    Mr. Simmons retired from the Army after 22 years and from University of Louisville Hospital after 28 years. He is a University of Kentucky fan.

    Mrs. Simmons bowls on two leagues at Fort Knox and is a University of Louisville fan.

    They have two children, Kenneth and Lisa; and five grandchildren.

  • While the rest of the world goes careening after lost youthful looks with plastic surgery and anti-aging cosmetics, I’m not so sure I want to be 25 again.

    OK, I did highlight my hair to help cover the gray last week.

    But I’m perfectly happy at my 50-something age that’s much closer to 60 than the decade in the first part of the phrase.

    There’s a settledness, a quiet joy and a peace that age has brought I wouldn’t trade for the smooth skin I used to have around my eyes.

  • Farming is a foundation for what Pem Buck teaches in her anthropology class at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

    Though her class is not specifically about farming, Buck said, anthropology is about understanding how social structures work. Producing food is one of the basic foundations for that, so how a society organizes itself to produce food is important to the subject.

    Producing food is among Buck’s personal background as is experiencing other cultures.

  • Experts visiting the 12 residences on the Parade of Homes tour have selected their favorites in multiple categories divided by size of the home.

    Members of the Lincoln Trail Home Builders Association, a regional trade association, annually put new premier homes on display. The second weekend of the tour runs from noon to 6 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday. Admission tickets, which cost $5, can be purchased at any residence on the Parade route.

  • Jean Mindock shows a quilt she recently completed during show and tell at the Stitchers Quilt Guild Meeting in August. This is one of approximately 300 quilts that will be displayed during the annual Heartland of Kentucky Quilt Show Sept. 20 and 21 at Pritchard Community Center in Elizabethtown. For information, contact Patty Pruitt at 270-307-2226.

  • The first day of fall finally arrives Sunday. The air is cooler, the sun shines in a goldish tint and the smell of apple cider fills the air.

    With the arrival of fall, cooking with caramel and spices are a must and Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies fit the bill.

    Just reading the description of this cookie gave me the warm fuzzy feeling of sipping a cup of warm cider.

    While the cookies bake in the oven, the smell of the spices in the cider fill your home.

  • Iva Lee Owsley and I became close as fellow members of Cecilia Homemakers. With her recent passing, it seems appropriate to revisit a few special words about her published recipes in June 2011 plus some of her special ones as a tribute to her memory.

    A fellow member of Cecilia Homemakers, Debbie McQueary, said about Iva Lee, “I think she is a lovely woman, inside and out, and I enjoy the stories she shares about her family.”

  • Hundreds of country music fans came together Saturday, filling all but a few back rows of the 842-seat auditorium at Lincoln Jamboree in Hodgenville. They came to be entertained and celebrate an anniversary.

    Jamboree owner Joel Ray Sprowls has been producing the show for 59 years.