Today's Features

  • Local employees from the Macerich Management Company, owner of Towne Mall in Elizabethtown, used some of their volunteer time bank to paint Hardin Habitat house No. 44 at the corner of E. Poplar and Haycraft streets in Elizabethtown on Feb. 23. The house is part of an ongoing mega build.

    Theresa Steinemann, business development,discovered a personal connection with house No. 44 after she volunteered to work. Her son played basketball with the daughter who will move into the house once it is finished.

  • Tiger Cub Scouts from White Mills Pack No. 244 recently visited the Hardin County History Museum in Elizabethtown. They learned about many aspects of Hardin County’s heritage while being taken on a guided tour by Elvin Smith Jr. Pictured front row, Garrett Bunch, John Painter, Jack Young and Canyon Huffman; middle row, Payton Grimes and Grant Hockman; back row, Zayd Abdel-Rahman, Cody Henriott and Museum Caretaker Elvin Smith Jr.

  • Watching “Act of Valor” evokes two emotions.

    On one hand, viewers leave the theater incredibly proud of the men in uniform and the lives they put on the line every day to protect the residents of our country. I am incredibly aware and grateful for the sacrifices made by all branches of the United States military to keep my freedoms intact.

  • One night, earlier this winter, my television screen went black, silent.

    And then, on screen, a thousand sparks came together to form the words spoken in an accented whisper. “The night is dark and full of terrors.”

    Chills. Chills down my back and arms. Those were the only words HBO had tossed “Game of Thrones” fans in long months. And that was enough to elicit a geeky squeak of awe.

  • Hardin County Farm Bureau recently donated $500 to the Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland BackPack Program.

  • Hortensia Mayer left her hometown of San Francisco Morazán, El Salvador, in 1979 just before civil war broke out, beginning a journey that brought her to teach in Elizabethtown.

    Mayer teaches Spanish at St. James Catholic Regional School. It has been 33 years — and many travels — since she married a Peace Corps volunteer, came to the United States and learned English on her own.

  • There are many reasons women give themselves as to why they can’t lose weight. Whether it is having no time to exercise and eat right or not wanting to spend an extra dollar or two at a fast food restaurant to choose something healthier, we tend to make excuses.

  • Alice Zagar is a 12-year-old who loves to cook. Her classmates at St. James Middle School appreciate her interest in cooking.

    “I like to cook because I think it’s fun to make stuff and see if my friends like it or not,” Alice said.

    She’s been cooking for about a year and likes to make spaghetti for her family. She’ll spice up the sauce a bit by adding onions and other things.

    Her pumpkin praline cookies she brought for an academic team bake sale were the first to sell out.