Today's Features

  • Charlene Easter, chairman of public issues, introduced her husband, Roy Easter, as the speaker at the Aug. 12 meeting of the Radcliff Woman’s Club.

    Magistrate Easter recounted key activities during the past two years in Hardin County Fiscal Court, under the leadership of Judge-Executive Harry Berry.

    Easter said the past two years had been productive and all magistrates worked together in settling issues, including concerns regarding the budget, the new government office facility and changes to the committee structure.

  • In the busy world we live in today, cooking and baking have become rushed, hectic tasks.

    We cook dinner to get it over with. Or worse yet, we don’t cook dinner at all and depend on the drive-thru or freezer for daily meals.

    More cookies now are made from refrigerated dough than from scratch. Not because we don’t know how to bake them, but because we think we do not have time.

  • Linda Jones, Dan Harrington, Janet Holman, Marsha Butterworth, James Hubley and Dave Shaw, employees of A & M Carriers, LLC, present a $500 donation to Linda Funk, Warm Blessings executive director, front row, second third from left, in support of the program’s effort to replace the van with a more reliable vehicle.

  • At 82, Agnes Riggs of Upton has a can-do attitude when it comes to her hobby: canning.

    Her efforts earned numerous accolades at the Kentucky State Fair, including a canning sweepstakes win. Additionally, Riggs placed in 16 categories ranging from plum preserves to red tomatoes.

    “I can anything there is to can,” she said as she worked in her kitchen among dozens of empty jars and many more filled with pickles, tomatoes and soup.

    A pressure canner has stayed on her stove all summer, she said.

  • Words spoken with kindness can change a life just as words spoken with harmful intent can affect a person for a lifetime.

    Being a people watcher, it always is interesting to watch and listen at airports, malls or social gatherings. It is quite amazing to hear what people say. Sometimes words are hurtful, disrespectful and downright mean. People insert their thoughts and feelings occasionally without filters.

  • Elizabethtown Rotary Club President Val Claycomb welcomes guest speaker State Rep. Tim Moore to the group’s Aug. 27 meeting.

  • During the Stitchers Quilt Guild meeting in August, many quilts were shown that will be in the annual Heartland Of Kentucky Quilt Show on Sept. 20 and 21, at Pritchard Community Center.

    One of the features everyone looks forward to at the show is the Country Store, where quilt-related items are donated by members and sold. There are fabrics, patterns, kits, threads, rulers, quilt tops, quilt blocks, anything to do with quilting. There will be approximately 300 quilts, 20 vendors, door prizes, demonstrations and food.

  • Lately I’ve been hearing the pitter-patter of little feet in my home.

    Yep. My significant other, Rebecca Ricks, and I got a bundle of joy a couple of weeks ago.

    We’re fostering the little girl, and she’s keeping us on our toes.

    Even though she’s just a little more than 4 months old, she has an incredible amount of energy. I sometimes wonder how she can contain herself when I leave her in her crate when Rebecca and I have to be away from our home.

    Oh, did I forget to mention the new temporary addition is a puppy?