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  • The following marriage licenses were issued in Hardin County.

    Sandra Lee Fisher, 49, and Gregory Lee Martin, 54, both of Radcliff.

    Jeremia Magdalene Harvey, 31, and Jonathan Montrace Van, 32, both of Radcliff.

    Carrie Renee Toller, 21, of Maysville, and Jeffrey Allen Franklin Chambers, 28, of Central City.

    Danielle Denise Nicole Lewis, 22, of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Oscar Alfredo Alston-Bellamy, 26, of Radcliff.

    Anne Marie Fenwick, 30, and Andrew Joseph Litherland, 27, both of Vine Grove.

  • The following marriage dissolutions have been granted in Hardin Circuit Court.

    John Edward Nowacki Jr., 48, and Charity Ann Baumgardner, 40, both of Rineyville. Married 20 years.

    Michael Shane Yates, 22, of Elizabethtown, and Rachel Dawn Marie Grimes, 20, of Cecilia. Married one year.

    Jason Wilson, 31, of Radcliff, and Karina Resto, 34, of Hopewell, Virginia. Married four years.

    Roderick Dale Brown, 39, of St. Petersburg, Florida, and Tamara Michele Minter Brown, 34, of Radcliff. Married three years.

  • The following building permit information has been obtained from Hardin County Planning and Development Commission, Radcliff Planning and Zoning and the City of Elizabethtown Planning and Development offices. The name of the applicant, applicant’s address and use of permit are listed.

    Justin Pendleton, Pendleton Lane, Elizabethtown. Use: detached accessory structure.

    Roy and Teddie Lippe, 2290 W. Rhudes Creek Road, Elizabethtown. Use: detached accessory structure.

  • The following cases of Driving Under the Influence and the resolution of those cases are found in Hardin District Court. ADE is an abbreviation for Alcohol Driver Education, BAC is the Blood Alcohol Concentration reading, KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs. A service fee is added to all DUIs and court costs are added to all charges. Birth year is in parenthesis.

  • I never will understand people’s obsession with heights or being suspended in high places. I’m OK in a plane, but leaning over a high object looking down toward certain death has no appeal to me.

    If you are as clumsy as I am, you would understand. My mother didn’t name me Grace for a reason.

    This is why I always thought the glass box observation areas on the Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower, in Chicago was a bad idea. The boxes are enclosed but the view is a frightening image of the street thousands of feet below.

  • “Maleficent”
    Rated PG for sequences of fantasy action and violence, including frightening images.
    Release date: May 30
    Runtime: 97 minutes
    Rating: Not an improvement on the original


    If you grew up loving the Disney fairy tale movie “Sleeping Beauty,” you know its villain Maleficent always has been considered one of the best animated villains in movie history.

    For fans, anticipation is high for the live action Disney flick “Maleficent.”

  • The following property transfers are listed on deeds at the Hardin County Clerk’s Office in Elizabethtown. FMV means full market value and typically is based upon assessed taxable value.

    Master Commissioner to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., 282 Orene Way, Sonora, $74,334.

    Todd and Cynthia Berger to Maurice Berger and Cindy Smith, 110-111 E. Brown St., Elizabethtown, $70,000.

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ronnie Chelf, 161 Silver Drive, Sonora, $46,000.

  • Members of the Hardin County Democratic Woman’s Club volunteer at Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland.

  • By Susan Rider

    With the school year coming to an end, it’s time to plan trips for memory making. After all, if you have children and you want to occupy/entertain this summer, what better way to spend your time than a trip that will be a memory each child will look back on in the future with fondness.

    We are very fortunate in this area because we have tons of things to do that will make memories and perfect staycations.

  • Inspiration: Mother
    Pets: One dog (Pepper) and one cat (Smoky)
    Hobbies: Kayaking and Crusing in her classic car



    The fire-engine red 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Supersport looked like it just rolled out of a showroom minutes before. Its reflective chrome bumper showed no signs of rust and the hardtop maintained its deep black finish, almost as if it never saw the elements. And it runs just as beautifully as it looks.