Today's Features

  • Brownie Girl Scout Troop 1558, third-graders from St. James Catholic Regional School, placed peace pinwheels at St. James Church in celebration of National Peace Day.

  • “Prisoners” is full of compelling acting, but it’s not a movie I ever want to see again because of the intense subject matter. Take your ethics books with you on this one because you might need it.

    In a heart-wrenching and stressful plot, audiences have to decide if violence — and in a way, evil — is OK when trying to combat a heinous act. Complicating the decision is that the characters are unsure who is at fault.

  • When it comes to clothing, I consider myself a moderate.

    Right in the middle of the aisle, that’s me. I’m not very trendy and I don’t make a fuss. But I don’t wear things that don’t fit and I’m a whiz at trolling a clearance rack.

    You won’t catch me at the grocery in pajama pants. But I have worn a pair of yoga pants to drop a kid off at school — a lot of moms do that, content to pretend we’re all on our way to the gym.

  • Woman’s Club of Elizabethtown members, Bobbie Dille, Tuula Poikonen and Linda Mather hand out information about recycling during Via Colori in Elizabethtown. Members gave out pencil sharpeners and cups with the educational material.

  • Chairperson Nancy Cox, Executive Director of Emerge Kentucky and speaker Elizabeth Sawyer, Radcliff City Councilmember Stan Holmes, Elizabethtown Democratic Women’s Club President Debbie Donnelly and Radcliff Women’s Network co-chairwoman Beverly Rickey gather during a recent meeting of The Radcliff Women’s Network.

  • Ancestral Trails Historical Society members met earlier this month at the Hardin County Public Library in Elizabethtown with Beverly Heath as the guest speaker. She entertained guests with the topic, “Outhouses.” Heath told stories that were told to her by clients, family and friends of outhouse experiences. The star on the door meant it was for females and a moon on the door was for males. Some outhouses were used for moonshine selling and a place to smoke for the young.

  • Radcliff Woman’s Club members Becky Brecht, Pat Nuccitelli, Yvonne High and Pam Ogden of Alliance Printing took the initiative to create a new club brochure. They also made sure the pamphlet meets the brochure standards of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and the Kentucky Federation of Women’s Clubs to which the Radcliff Woman’s Club is affiliated.

  • The Potted Few Garden Club has a mission to encourage residents of Hardin County and surrounding communities to be aware of the beauty of nature and to endeavor to nurture it. Each month, a member of the club places a flower design or arrangement in a public venue. A few months ago, club president Bonnie Gunter placed a Beta fish planter in the Hardin County Public Library – North Branch in Radcliff and recently she placed one at the Hardin County Public Library in Elizabethtown. These planters are self-sufficient, and the Beta fish gets nourishment and oxygen from the plant.

  • Garden Club of Elizabethtown members recently partnered with a local FAITH Home School group biology co-op students and their teacher, Marsha Elliott, to offer a day of pond and plant life exploration.

    During the field trip, students drew site maps, made sketches of plants in the pond and took measurements and samples from the pond for further research in their classroom.

  • Chapter 1050 of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees recently met in the Elizabethtown Nolin RECC conference room. The guest speaker was Donna McCurry from Tender Touch Senior Services. She focused on the fact that people of every age need to keep moving and seniors especially need to keep an exercise routine in their daily schedule.