Today's Features

  • Choral spirituals will be part of the program when the Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Choristers present a Spring Variety Show at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the college’s Science Auditorium.

    Admission is $4 and benefits the Choristers.

    Along with choral spirituals, the show will feature solos and ensembles in a variety of musical styles. Door prizes and refreshments are offered.

    For information, contact Camille Hill at 270-706-8448 or Camille.hill@kctcs.edu.

  • While spring is just around the corner, it doesn’t feel much like it. In a winter where the words “polar vortex” are thrown around on the forecast every other week, soup is a staple on the menu.

    There’s nothing like a hot bowl of soup on a cold day. While tomato soup and grilled cheese remains one of my favorite meals, I’m always on the lookout for a new soup recipe.

  • The words Mardi Gras are French for “Fat Tuesday.” Carnival celebrations beginning on or after the Feast of the Epiphany have become very popular, especially in the South.

  • "Son of God"
    Rated PG-13 for intense and bloody depiction of the crucifixion, and for some sequences of violence.
    Release date: Feb. 28
    Runtime: 138 minutes
    Rating: Not the worst, not the best

    As a movie reviewer and a person of faith, I probably scrutinize a film about Jesus more than any other film.

    In other words, I expect to be moved, inspired and excited about what I’m seeing take place on screen.

  • “One of my patients conned me into doing it,’ Bob Wilkinson said.

    That was 14 years ago. Now the 59-year-old from Rineyville said he’s completely hooked on the St. Baldrick’s experience.

    St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises money for childhood cancer research through volunteers who have their heads shaved for pledges.

  • By Donny Gill

    March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. Colorectal cancer is cancer of the colon or rectum. It’s as common in women as it is in men. This year, more than 136,830 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer and an estimated 50,310 will die of the disease. With certain types of screening, this cancer can be prevented by removing polyps (grape-like growths on the wall of the intestine) before they become cancerous. Several screening tests detect colorectal cancer early, when it can be more easily and successfully treated.

  • Cecilia

    Irene Dodson, 270-862-3808

    This is Kentucky, if you don’t like the weather, stick around a few days and it will change. The weatherman tells us we have another cold front coming in. But you know spring is getting closer all the time. I hear someone saw their Easter flowers as we always called them peeking through the ground.

  • Rineyville

    Gail Pike, 270-737-2973

    BIRTHDAYS. This week’s birthdays include Eric Cox, Austin Geer, Dawn Duda, Jessica Carlotti, Beth Minter, Tina Yates, Roger Vance, Jake Mouser, Sandy Hummel, Hayden Miller, Cindy Brown, Bubby Jones, Matt Colasanti, Kennedy Taylor, Missy Jones, Stephen Hill and Derotha Gardner.

  • Howevalley

    Andrea Sherrard Gilpin, 270-735-7845

    KENTUCKY WEATHER.Well we are right back to winter temperatures and little more snow that comes and goes. At least the sun is shining.

    OUR HOME.Cory, Chloe and I are moved into our new home. We love it. It’s a wonderful feeling to have something of our own and not having a landlord. Our dogs, Reese and Roxy love the big back yard. Home sweet home.

    DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. March 9 is the day we are suppose to move our clocks up one hour. We will have more daylight hours.

  • White Mills

    Terri Spencer, 270-735-2856

    Wasn’t the warmer weather that we had last week wonderful? It was just a reminder that spring  eventually will get here. I am just beginning to wonder when that will be. As I am sitting here writing this, a weather preview came on TV and said that more nasty weather could be headed our way. Enough already, please.

    ANNIVERSARIES. Happy anniversary to Kerry and Sonnie Reeves on March 2. They will be married two years. Still newlyweds. Have a wonderful day.