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  • Cecilia

    Irene Dodson, 270-862-3808

  • Rineyville

    Gail Pike, 270-737-2973

    BIRTHDAYS. This week’s birthdays include Phillip Pike, Dan Pawley, Bobby Thomas, Ciarra Adams, Jill Collin, David Bell, Jacob Bell, Rita Goodwin, Bryce Meers, Jacob Bush, Ernestine Nall, Greg House, Matthew Brangers, Nancy Lowman, Carter Geer, Jaron Cox, Tim Wiseman, Martha Wiseman, Patsy Blair, Britney Davis, Mark Geer, Evan Newton, Alice Ross, Dana Padgett, Bill Pawley, Scott Davis, Cody Booker, Jimmy Kitson, Madalyn Tucker, Travis Brangers, and Emmett Cecil.

  • White Mills

    Terri Spencer, 270-862-4604

    Have you ever had the feeling of déjà vu? It seems like my last article I was apologizing for missing getting my articles done and then last week I did the same thing. I am sorry. I am making it my New Year’s resolution to get it done every week for the rest of the year. Maybe it’s the cold weather that is affecting my brain and making me so forgetful. I am so ready for warmer weather.

  • Howevalley

    Andrea Sherrard Gilpin, 270-735-7845

    KENTUCKY WEATHER. More snow is what we got. Some say we got about three inches. The snow came rather quickly when it finally did come. I don’t mind the snow, but I don’t like those frigid cold temperatures. My dogs, Roxy and Reese, don’t like it when I take them outside either.

  • Stephensburg

    Betty Pullen, 270-862-

    Hello friends, I hope the weather doesn’t have you all down and out. To me, this is a hard time of year. You never know how to dress or anything else. So please keep a blanket or coats, a throw or something to help you out if your car quits.

  • The following marriage dissolutions have been granted in Hardin Circuit Court in Elizabethtown.

    Daryl Mathews, 22, and Amanda Hebert, 24, both of Elizabethtown. Married two years.

    Joshua Burdge, 24, Jefferson, Ga., and Annabeth Poole, 32, Elizabethtown. Married three years.

    Dan Jensen, 29, Vine Grove, and Stephanie Hix, 42, Fredericksburg, Va. Married seven years.

    Dewey Keys Jr., and Allison Routt, 41, both of Elizabethtown. Married 20 years.

  • The following marriage licenses have been issued in Hardin County.

    Ashley Elizabeth Hauber, 21, and James Paul Plummer, 38, both of West Point.

    Rodah Nyangarisa Ratemo, 27, and Collins Nyoteyo Nyangau, 21, both of Longview, Texas.

    Stevie Michelle Morgan, 28, and Christopher John Coldarski, 35, both of Rineyville.

    Shelly Rae Retzlaff, 39, and John Mark Heard, 34, both of Elizabethtown.

    Kelly Irene Harter, 22, Chesapeake, Va., and Samuel Louis Furna, 22, Radcliff.

  • The following misdemeanor cases are found in Hardin District Court Division I in Elizabethtown. KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs. Totals include court costs and/or public advocacy fees. Birth year is in parenthesis.

    Kayla E. Vittitoe (1993). Hindering prosecution or apprehension. One hundred-eighty days in jail probated for two years on conditions in the order. Court costs waived.

  • The following cases of Driving Under the Influence and the resolution of those cases are found in Hardin District Court Division I in Elizabethtown. ADE is an abbreviation for Alcohol Driver Education, BAC is the Blood Alcohol Concentration reading, KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs, EIP stands for Early Intervention Program and VIP stands for Victims Impact Panel. A service fee is added to all DUIs and court costs are added to all charges. Birth year is in parenthesis.

  • A trio of comedians, headlined by Tom Mabe, will tickle some funny bones when they take the stage for “Clean Southern Comedy Tour” at 8 p.m. today and Saturday at the Historic State Theater in Elizabethtown.

    This weekend’s visit is the second appearance at the Historic State Theater for Mabe. The comedian first appeared at the theater in January 2012.