Today's Features

  • A pair of holiday traditions at Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center will expand to include more events, transforming into a festival.

    The Nutcracker Festival not only will feature “The Nutcracker Ballet” and “Clara’s Tea Party” — two Christmas favorites — it offers a special free Dance-a-long Nutcracker concert, open market of sweets and other items and a Festival of Nutcrackers.

    “We always like to offer something a little bit new,” said Diane Hafer, PAC secretary.

  • I know many of you have your Christmas trees up, but I want to tell the recipe, you might say, for a Christmas tree.

    First, there is the tree. While growing up, we always had a cedar tree from our farm. Later, Mike and I bought our first trees from a tree stand until the fresh tree succumbed to the artificial tree, but where is the aroma of a fresh tree?

  • I saw a video this week of Cookie Monster learning the concept of delayed gratification while waiting to get a cookie from actor Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the “Thor” films. Cookie Monster had a hard time grasping this concept, but by waiting and not eating Hiddleston’s cookie, he was rewarded with an entire plate of cookies.

  • He walked into the kitchen balancing a nickel on the end of his tongue.

    “Get that out of your mouth right now. If you swallow it, you will die,” I told my son.

    I was on the phone with my mother. And the warning was so automatic; I didn’t even move the phone away from my face to give it.

  • Kelsie Hammer of Elizabethtown and Thomas Hamilton of Bardstown were married July 13, 2013, at Memorial United Methodist Church in Elizabethtown with the Revs. Audrey Myers and Johnny Hamilton, uncle of the groom, officiating.

    The bride is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Brian C. Hammer of Elizabethtown.

    The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hamilton of Bardstown.

    The bride was given in marriage by her father.

  • Rineyville

    Gail Pike, 270-737-2973

    BIRTHDAYS. This week’s birthdays includes Bailey Vinton, Scott Blair, Julia Holeman, Abbie Newton, Matt Reed, Amy Carr, Mike Colasanti, Chuck Padgett and Tina Shacklette.

  • Howevalley

    Andrea Sherrard Gilpin, 270-735-7845

    KENTUCKY WEATHER.Let it snow, but please leave the ice out of it. Our little snow fall was pretty and nice.

    CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.We got our Christmas tree up. I let Chloe touch it and she just smiled. She likes the tinsel.Maybe it’s the weather, I don’t know, but it seems people are not decorating outside of their homes as usual.

  • White Mills

    Terri Spencer, 270-862-4604

    Ok, I am officially tired of winter. Oh, wait, winter is not even here yet. The cold is one thing, but the ice and snow is something else altogether. I did not leave my house from Thursday night until Monday afternoon. Kenny went out a few times, but even church was cancelled, so I just stayed home in my nice warm house. I can’t believe that it is only December. After Christmas, can we just skip right to May?

  • Cecilia

    Irene Dodson, 270-862-3808

    Winter seemed to come in with a fury this past weekend, keeping us “old folks” inside. We felt the last thing we needed to do was to take a chance of falling and breaking bones, neither of us has had to deal with a broken bone during our lifetime, and certainly hope to keep it that way.