Today's Features

  • As winter gets into full swing, the threat of icy driving conditions might cross the minds of many, but none likely think about it as much as Patty Dunaway.

    Dunaway, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet chief engineer for District 4, has the job of doing everything she can to make sure state roadways in Hardin County are safe this winter and all year round. District 4 consists of 11 counties, including Hardin.

    “We have 2,900 miles of state roads to take care of,” Dunaway said of her office.

  • The New Year brings with it a fresh new start. There’s something about a new year that spurs us to want a new beginning. Just ask the diet and exercise equipment companies; their busiest time of the year is January. One of my clients specializing in exercise equipment, videos and apparel would joke that Christmas season was not very busy, their black Friday was Jan. 1.

  • First of all, a delayed Christmas greeting to you and yours. There was a misunderstanding concerning the publication of my column last week.

    Today is New Year’s Day and I hope 2013 is a very happy year for you indeed. Because Christmas was on the last Tuesday of the month, we didn’t have December’s Recipe Roundup, so this week we will have those recipes and not have a January Finest Cook. We will return to that feature in February.

  • If you’re like me, there are two things you have a hard time giving up for a diet — bread and cheese.

    There aren’t many cheeses I’ve been able to say no to. In fact, some vegetables I only can eat topped with cheese. That might take away the nutritional value, but at least I’m eating my veggies, right?

    I’m just as bad about bread. Sometimes I choose a restaurant based on how good their bread basket is.

    This probably is why I like Italian food so much. So many things are served with bread and smothered in cheese.

  • Each year the Radcliff Woman’s Club presents a “Woman of the Year Award” to a member who represents the club by participating in activities and by setting a positive example for others to follow. This year Ethel Martin was chosen as the award recipient at the Dec. 10 club meeting at Colvin Community Center.

    Martin, who was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Radcliff in 1974 and, at the urging of Maria Batistoni, joined the Radcliff Woman’s Club in 1994.

  • Aj Abdel-Rahman from Boy Scout Troop No. 244 in White Mills, recently volunteered to ring the bell for the Salvation Army as part of his West Hardin Middle School Beta Club service project.


    At 9, he was all I could think about. At 11, he was my first love. At 17, he was gone. Although Lex was not a person, he was more than just a horse.

    He was my best friend, my partner in crime and my protector. With him, I was invincible. From our first day together, even on the rocky days, Lexis taught me many lessons. Most importantly, he showed me the purest form of love.


    William Penn said, “Avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.”

    Although this is a strong statement, it is based on truth. Many students today hunt for popularity as a desirable goal. This, however, might not be in the students’ best interest. However covetable to him or her, the search for popularity can limit a student’s personal growth.