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  • According to Linda Funk, Warm Blessings Board chair, “The heart of Warm Blessings is committed volunteers with huge compassion for others and dedication to the program.” Funk estimates there are close to 140 volunteers contributing their time to the program each month either cooking, serving, mopping and cleaning up, driving the van, buying food, stocking and organizing food items, coordinating and directing other volunteers at meal time or delivering meals to seniors who are frail and shut-in.

  • March seems to be a special month for Kentucky. It is particularly special for those who love basketball. This is the month that the NCAA basketball tournament begins, and it dominates the airwaves nationwide. Even the president of the United States has his bracket displayed on national television.


    Elizabethtown Independent Schools and Elizabethtown Community and Technical College would like to take this opportunity to recognize and applaud the efforts of our local Brother to Brother Academy.

    The Academy has been in existence for five years and currently has 21 males enrolled, eight of whom are students from Elizabethtown Independent Schools.

  • Bobby Whitehead built a business and a life in Hardin County beginning at an early age at the Glen Dale Children’s Home.

    His parents died when he was in sixth grade and he spent the next six years at the children’s home. Two of his sisters and a younger brother also lived there, his brother for 12 years.

    Now 61, he values his experience at the home.

  • Students active in performing arts might be accustomed to conveying emotion on stage through their body language and facial expressions.

    But when the performance is a puppet show, that body language and those facial expressions must be communicated through an inanimate object.

    That was part of the challenge for drama students at Elizabethtown High School as they presented “Panther Tales,” a collection of short plays in the form of a puppet show. They performed for younger students.

  • Dean and Beverly Parrish of Boston, Ky., Debbie and John Howlett of Glendale and Barry and Bobbie Jones of Cecilia announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their children, Elizabeth Parrish of Boston, and Stephen Jones of Elizabethtown.

    The wedding is at 2 p.m. March 23, 2013, at Valley Creek Baptist Church in Elizabethtown with a reception to follow at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Parish Hall in Elizabethtown.

    All friends and relatives are invited to attend. No formal invitations will be sent.

  • Stephen and Andrea McNeil of Elizabethtown and Julie Delaney of Niagara, Wis., announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their children, Lindsay McNeil and Bradley Delaney, both of Elizabethtown.

    The wedding is at 2 p.m. April 6, 2013, at LaRue Baptist Church in Hodgenville.

  • Howevalley

    Andrea Sherrard Gilpin, 735-7845

    KENTUCKY WEATHER. Surprise. The snow is coming down as I write this March 5. Looks like maybe we’ll get a real accumulation out of this one. I think it’s really pretty coming down. I don’t mind the snow, I just don’t want ice with it. I remember a few years ago, mom, Jamilee, Jackie and I went sledding. That was so much fun.

    TIME CHANGE. Daylight savings time began at 2 a.m. If you didn’t move your clock up one hour, you are running behind.

  • Billy and Daisey Lawson of Elizabethtown will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary March 12, 2013.

    They were married March 12, 1988, in Elizabethtown.

    They have a son, Justin Lawson of Bowling Green, and a daughter, Amy Lawson of Elizabethtown.

  • South Hardin

    Daphne Turpin, 872-3223

    As I type this article the news is on and talking about snow. I had given up on the white stuff for the year but it looks like we might get a little.

    BIRTHDAYS. Happy birthday wishes go to Mallory Wright, Hunter Boone, Tammy Bird, Debby Couch, Hannah Fredricks, Mackenzie Pennington, Dennis McGuffin, Jerry Speck, Susie Bowles, Beth Trent, Loren Jaggers, Sharon Bell, Mabel Brooks, Jeremy Johnson, Jamie Akers, David Dewayne Upton, Dawn Pawley, Jim Corbit and Hallie Cordle.