Today's Features

  • Mikaela Shriffrin shocked the world at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. As an 18-year-old skier, she was the youngest winner ever in the slalom racing event.

    She is a well-known skier and is not shy in talking about the secret of her success. For her, it begins with hard work and practice but it prominently includes imagery.

  • When Harry Rogers arrived for volunteer training at The Lord’s Supper Soup Kitchen in Radcliff, he jokingly told them he was ready to wash dishes.

    Washing dishes became part of what Rogers does, but the retired sergeant major serves in many other ways. He also serves food, cleans tables, mops floors and pitches in wherever he can.

    “Everyone needs help,” Rogers said.

    Staff Sgt. Terriance Hamilton, who opened The Lord’s Supper Soup Kitchen with his wife, Joyce, lauded Rogers’ “selfless service.”

  • South Hardin

    Daphne Turpin, 270-872-3223

    The county was once again covered in snow. The poor kids are going to be in school all summer.

    BIRTHDAYS. Happy birthday wishes go to Mallory Wright, Kecia Shipp, Hunter Boone, Tammy Bird, Debby Couch, Hannah Fredricks, Mackenzie Pennington, Dennis McGuffin, Jerry Speck, Susie Bowles, Mabel Brooks, Jeremy Johnson, Jamie Akers, David Upton and Dawn Pawley Simpson.

  • Stephensburg

    Betty Pullen, 270-862-4844

    Hello friends. Man alive this weather is something else. I will be so glad when warm weather gets here. Missing all this school makes for a short summer break. I love the spring time when all the birds are singing and the flowers start to come up. The Easter Lilies the yellow blooms my mom loved them, and I guess I do too.

  • Howevalley

    Andrea Sherrard Gilpin, 270-735-7845

    KENTUCKY WEATHER. It seems Mother Nature wants winter to hang around a little longer. Thankfully the weather forecasters were wrong in what they said we would get on March 2 and 3. We did get approximately 2-3 inches of snow and not as much ice as they predicted.

    DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. Did you remember to move your clocks up one hour? If you didn’t you are behind today. We are now on fast time.

  • Rineyville

    Gail Pike, 270-737-2973

    BIRTHDAYS. This week’s birthdays include Robbie Crim, Jathan Thompson, Bob Brown, Beverly Ray, Jordan Skeeters, Tommy Adams, Russ Salvia, Leon Hatchett, Donna Osterhage, Danny Shanks, Chelsea Kenny, Tina Ray, Elaine Ogletree, Jeremy Yates, Bernie Lucas, Jill Ray, Kathy Marcum, Joshua Cline, Edna Brangers, Tyler Nall, Bert Brown, George Filyaw, Trevor VanderMolen, Paul Taylor, Zach Wiseman, Tim Ray, Kevin Hardman and Jennie Patterson.

  • Cecilia

    Irene Dodson, 270-862-3808

    Mr. Weatherman, Please. We have had enough snow and ice this year. Send us some warmer, beautiful weather. I think even the snow lovers are ready for the spring thaw. Those with children in school are beginning to wonder when summer break will be, with so many closures because of the unsafe roads for the buses to travel.

  • The following marriage dissolutions have been granted in Hardin Circuit Court in Elizabethtown.

    Matthew A. Swanson, 24, Columbus, Ga., and Martina L. Evans, 22, Elizabethtown. Married two years.

    Lloyd Everett French, 47, and Jacinta Lynn Comiska, 47. Married five years.

    William Robert Gilbar, 43, Radcliff,  and Rhonda Gail Seward, 32, Somerset. Married three years.

    Joshua Eads, 28, Sonora, and Leighandra Hawkins, 27, Upton. Married seven years.

  • The following marriage licenses have been issued in Hardin County.

    Shela Marie Herrera, 24, and Todd Allen Rankin II, 28, both of Vine Grove.

    Sharon Denise Elliott, 41, and Henry Johnson, 47, both of Radcliff.

    Misty Danielle Southwood, 32, and James Theodore Hardy, 50, both of Elizabethtown.

    Mary Ella Stringer, 44, and Joseph William Warfield, 68, both of Radcliff.

    Eliecia Machelle Wells, 29, and Terrance James Freeman, 39, both of Radcliff.