Today's Features

  • Listening to a song on the radio can instantly transport you to a summer of your youth. The windows immediately come down in the car and your hair blows in the wind as you drive. It’s that kind of song.

    Throughout music history, songs released in the summer create memories that last a lifetime. There’s something about a goodtime summer song.

    Just like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince crooned, it’s “summer, summer, summertime; time to sit back and unwind.”

  • NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Four months ago, two African-American pastors stood in a hallway of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Nashville headquarters looking at a row of white faces.

  • “Prometheus,” Ridley Scott’s long-awaited prequel to the “Alien” franchise, is, in a word, disappointing.

    This film has as much to do with “Alien” as a slice of bacon has to do with a cow.

    For a successful prequel, it must explain long-asked questions and set a new foundation for the original films that shine light into established plotlines.

  • The term “staycation” is a way of describing a vacation that doesn’t involve traveling out of the country or, by some definitions, out the home environment. Often, it involves day trips.

    That might be a bit of a misnomer for what I took last week because I didn’t seem to stay anywhere for long, so I might have to come up with another term.

  • Call me obsessive but the herbs in my garden are in this order from south to north: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. I know, pitiful isn’t it?

    But there are more — oregano, dill, chives, spearmint and basil. When I started the garden several years ago, I thought it was just neat and small pots of herbs weren’t terribly expensive.

  • Paws 4-H Dog Club members, Jennifer Wyland and Jolie Puckett along with adult leader Rose Bible recently attended the 2012 State 4-H Dog Camp May 19-20 at Feltner 4-H Camp in London, Ky.

  • Memorial United Methodist Youth and other volunteers are pictured after setting up for the annual yard and bake sale at Warm Blessings Soup Kitchen. Proceeds in the amount of $1,548.27 went toward the mortgage payment on the Warm Blessings building. Pictured arefront row, from left, Noah Cruzeand Morgan Hogan; second row, Logan McMahan, Jeremy Hawkins, Katie Welch, Lauren Cruze, Kelley Kolpak,Hayley Hogan, Jeanette Goodman and Joan Dale; and third row, Dewey Cruze (MUMC Youth Minister), Lance McMahan, Daniel Crain, Josh Harrod, Jon Smith, Johnny Scottand Marvin Dale.

  • The Elizabethtown Police Department participated in the Special Olympics Torch Run on May 29 and included more than 20 officers and other personnel who ran  the torch 8.4 miles from Central Hardin High School to North Dixie near John Hardin High School.   


  • Seventeen groups and individuals from across the state were honored for their volunteer and service contributions June 11 at the Governor’s Mansion in Frankfort including Shawn P. Aberl II of Elizabethtown, who was awarded the Kentucky Ambassador Award. He was nominated by Jennifer Aberl.

    The awards are coordinated by the Kentucky Commission on Volunteerism and Service, part of the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

  • Members of the General Ben Hardin Helm Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans gathered to place VA military markers on Memorial Day for four Confederate veterans. Pictured is the marker for John Lee, who is buried in Lee Cemetery at Fort Knox. Members pictured are Darryl Nottingham, John Eastridge, Tim Bowman and David Nottingham.