Today's Features

  • I suppose there comes a time in every mother’s life when she’s sitting next to her child who fell asleep on the couch after puking all over himself and his bed. Twice.

    I know, I know. I’m lucky it hasn’t happened before.

    My husband became ill first, but we all just assumed it was food poisoning since he was the only one who showed any symptoms. He recovered, mostly, and life went on. And then a couple days later, after an afternoon snack of popcorn and Pez candy, Sebastian announced his stomach hurt.

  • West Point holds a special place in the heart of 34-year-old Chris Lueken, president and curator of The West Point Kentucky History Museum.

    “My grandfather was born there in 1924,” Lueken said.

    Though he had moved away from the river town by 1936, Lueken’s grandfather later would return once a week, taking along his granddaughter, who lived in Shively at the time.

  • The Hardin County Democratic Woman’s Club held its first meeting after the summer break at Freeman Lake.

    The club was honored to have Madeline Abramson, the wife of Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson, Romanza Johnson, president of the Kentucky Democratic Woman’s Club, and Susanna French, immediate past President KDWC, member of the Kentucky State Executive Committee and director of the Southern Region of the National Federation of Democratic Women. All three commended the women’s clubs in Hardin County and their support of the many Democratic elected officials.

  • Rineyville’s Boy Scout Troop No. 600 completed a physically and mentally challenging 20-mile hike at Bernhiem Forest on Sept. 16. This event completed the last of the Eagle Scout requirements for the hiking merit badge. The troop began its training for the badge after visiting Washington, D.C., where they averaged several hikes of more than 12 miles per day. The planning and preparation for the trek is intensive; classroom experiences and opportunities shared at the 2011 summer camp made the completion of the hike memorable.

  • Sharing recipes for “Recipe Roundup” is fairly easy this month. I have three recipes mentioned in the September “One of Hardin County’s Finest Cooks” column featuring Greg Milby. They are the Teriyaki Chicken, the Fried Biscuits and the Ice Cream recipe.

    The fourth recipe is one I found in a magazine and I can’t wait for an occasion to try it.

  • A few people have expressed to me their frustrations over their difficulty in making biscuits. Being a fan of the biscuit, I’ve tried to make several recipes and a few haven’t been too complicated.

    In fact, biscuits are so amazing you probably should have a purpose for them before making them or you’ll be tempted to eat the entire pan. I hope that’s not just me.

  • Stephensburg

    Betty Pullen, 862-4844

    Hello, hope you all are doing well. Not much going on this week. School is out for fall break beginning Sept. 28 and I am so thankful for being out. I just do not know how we serviced all those years without the breaks we have now. Everyone enjoy your time off.

    ANNIVERSARY WISH. Happy anniversary to Tony and Brenda Bradley Sept. 27, from Doug and Regina.

    BIRTHDAY WISH. Happy birthday to my son, Alex Pullen. He is 28 this year. Happy birthday and many more.

  • Cecilia

    Irene Dodson, 862-3808

    I do believe that the summer weather is behind us and soon we will be complaining about the cold weather. It seems we never can be satisfied; it is too hot, too cold, too rainy or too dry. I agree the drought we had this summer has hurt the pocket books of many who had so much invested in planting crops, only to get little yield in return. Everything we buy this winter that requires corn or wheat to produce will be costly, because of the shortage.

  • South Hardin

    Daphne Turpin, 872-3223

    The weather finally has turned cooler. Fall is here and I am so glad to see it. I am ready for pumpkins and hayrides and all that comes with this season.