Today's Features

  • I can’t call myself a stay-at-home mom anymore.

    You see, I got a real-live, brush-your-hair-every-day, leave-the-house type of job. And I’m so excited, so thrilled and so nervous.

  • Vine Grove’s Sallie Potts had a life-changing experience in 2009.
    She was hit head-on by a drunken driver.

    “My life came to a dramatic change the evening of Nov. 30, 2009,” she said.

  • Mayor Edna Berger swears in five new officers with the Elizabethtown Police Department from left, Ron Caffee, Chris Smith, Joshua Burris, Ryan Slaubaugh and Justin Hendrix on Feb. 21.

  • The second annual chili cook-off of Rolling Thunder Inc. Kentucky Chapter Four was Feb. 8 at Colvin Community Center. The Elizabethtown and Radcliff fire departments competed for bragging rights as to who had the best chili in the community.

  • Banana pudding is one of the most delightful desserts ever invented. Who doesn’t like banana pudding?

    Actually, my mom doesn’t like banana pudding, but I don’t hold that against her.

    Banana pudding is one of my favorite desserts and something my dad liked to eat as well.

    But there are variations of using this scrumptious dessert by featuring it in different forms, like cupcakes.

    This cupcake recipe has a lot of ingredients but isn’t too difficult and has a great banana pudding taste.

  • It just seems like I can’t get away from the sweets. For today’s Recipe Roundup, I also have a savory for you to go along with the two candies.

    The first recipe, Boozy Fudge came to me from fellow choir member at St. James Catholic Church, Alice Zoeller. She served it as a Valentine’s Day treat for choir members. It was delicious.

    The second recipe, Tiger Butter Candy, was requested by Ken and Sandy Henson. We are still working on getting just what they had wanted.

    The third recipe is the savory, Anytime Almonds.

  • On Valentine’s Day, Elizabethtown family doctor Bernard Greenwell retired from his practice after more than 46 years, taking with him a lifetime of heartfelt memories.

    Crediting his staff of three — Kay Pashea, Jane Ford and Julia Mattingly — with being integral parts of the practice, Greenwell, 77, described a life and career that focused on family.

    Like each of his parents, Greenwell is one of 12 siblings, the third to be precise. He was born in his grandmother’s home near New Haven in Nelson County.

  • Cecilia

    Irene Dodson, 270-863-3808

    On this Tuesday morning, I am so enjoying seeing the sunshine and the earth and grass instead of snow, also the warmer temperature. Only four more weeks until the official arrival of spring, I can hardly wait. Floyd and I are getting cabin fever from being housebound for so long.

  • White Mills

    Terri Spencer, 270-862-4604

    My husband and I have crossed over to a new threshold in our lives. Our 16-year-old son passed his permit test and now is driving. I always thought that I would be really cool about it, but then you start thinking about all the things that could go wrong and suddenly, you’re not so cool. He is so excited, but I am really nervous about it all. I am placing it in God’s hands, however. I know I am going to be spending a lot more time in prayer.