Today's Features

  • The Elizabethtown Lion’s Club 2011-12 Lion of the Year recipient Karen Jacobs White, right, presents the award to this year’s recipient and past President Lion Lois Shinkle. This recognition is by vote of fellow members, noting a club members dedicated service throughout the past Lion year.

  • Congratulations to Rhinestone Rodeo 4-H Drill Team members Harlie Terry, Kaylee Simmons, Bailey Thomas, Breanna Tucker, Katie Estes, Montana Roby, Briann Williams, Whitney Stanton, Orry Williams, Alysha White, Rachael Nichols, Alexis McGonigle, Dakota Nichols and Sarah Cleaver for the outstanding job they did by placing fifth in the large team category during the State 4-H Horse Show Drill Team Competition.

  • Guest speakers at a recent Radcliff Rotary club meeting were Tamera Langley and Richard Rudolph of Operation Homefront.

  • The Radcliff/Fort Knox Convention and Tourism Commission contributed $1,000 to the Hardin County Schools Performing Arts Center on July 24. Pictured during the check presentation are, from left, Margo Kampe, Bart Lovins and Kelly Barron.

  •     Hanna Moore was recently installed as the newest member of North Hardin Lions Club by Lion Mark Kelly and her sponsor Lion Bill Albano. She has been a member of the North Hardin/Meade County Leo Club for several years. For more information on North Hardin Lions Club check them out on Facebook at North Hardin Lions Club.

  • You can be a very positive, upbeat person, but let’s face it. In life you have to deal with difficult people.

    There might be difficult people at your church, school, family, friends or workplace. In most situations, you can choose to avoid these people. But in the workplace, you sometimes are forced to work with the most challenging of personalities. As a life coach, this is a very popular topic and many ask me to help them cope and turn this negative to a positive.

  • A lot of what shaped Holly Harris VonLuehrte, 36, growing up in Hardin County, she said, was the result of being around a lot of strong, opinionated women.

    VonLuehrte, who was born in Elizabethtown, serves in Frankfort as the first chief of staff of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

    While she credits both parents for providing support and encouragement, VonLuehrte was influenced particularly by her mother and her mother’s friends. Those strong women continue to be a source of inspiration, she said.

  • Jennifer Murphy moved to Elizabethtown five years ago when many military families moved to the area from Fort Hood, Texas.
    But the 32-year-old has nothing to do with the military — Murphy followed friends moving to Fort Knox.

    “I was looking for a change and they were moving up here to Fort Knox so I thought, ‘Hey, I guess I’ll just go there,’” Murphy said.

    After living in big cities, she appreciated going to the grocery and seeing someone she knows. She came to like the small-city atmosphere.

  • Gazing up on a clear night as an eggshell moon glows amid stars that glint and gleam sporadically within a celestial landscape of sprawling dark firmament, it is easy to feel small and insignificant.

    Regardless of that feeling of irrelevance I enjoy looking at the stars and moon from time to time, and I’m not sure why.

    Certainly a starry night sky has a beauty of its own. It has been the subject of art and music for ages.

    But I’m not sure that’s all there is to it.