Today's Features

  • For one night only, Hardin County Playhouse presents an original production, “Telethon: The Drive to Cure World Boredom,” as its fall fundraiser.

    But it’s not your average telethon.

    To create a production with a talent-show base, playhouse director Bo Cecil came up with the idea of a telethon-centered show.

    He took it to the HCP board, which told him to run with it. Cecil pulled in Ron Blair to write the script, which wasn’t written until they picked what acts would be featured in the show.

  • The Senior Citizens group, Yesterday’s Youth from Vine Grove, took a Toby Tours Bus Trip to Montgomery, Ind., to visit with the Amish. The group learned of their history, way of life and saw their beautiful homes and farms. The group ate in an authentic Amish home and entertainment was provided by a 6-year-old girl playing the harmonica. The group enjoyed their trip and getting to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and mums.

  • Hardin Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is celebrating 25 years of their event Let Christmas Shine which uses proceeds to support their scholarship program.

    The event was started 25 years ago by Martha Lawson and June Thornberry-Raine. The event is under way and lights can be purchased from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday until Nov. 29. Individuals, groups or businesses may purchase a light to shine on the hospital’s Christmas tree in memory or honor of someone they love, appreciate or admire.

  • In May, the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division cased their colors in preparation to deploy to Afghanistan and serve as Combined Task Force Duke.

    Some soldiers from the unit are expected to begin returning to Fort Knox at the end of this month, said Maj. Taya Grace, Brigade Public Affairs, 3/1.

  • Thirty-nine-year-old Noah Embry is both a healer and a heeler.

    As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Embry applies his medical skills to help patients heal from facial injuries, among other things. As a rodeo hobbyist, Embry applies his cowboy skills to events such as team roping, in which he often serves as heeler — the person roping the hind legs of a steer.

  • I think I have a problem with letting go.

    I was barely getting used to last summer’s passing into fall, no longer wearing linen and dragging my sandaled feet to trade for closed-toed shoes.

    That’s when autumn’s brilliance suddenly dazzled with sunlit yellows, bright oranges and brick reds. And my husband and I took walks around the neighborhood to drink in their beauty.

  • There is a simplicity to life when you’re nearing 54 years of age.

    I guess I get that from my parents.

    They never worried about living in a big expensive house or having new vehicles in the driveway. Shoot, they never even had a credit card.

    So I have never worried about material things as a means of satisfaction. But, we do have a few credit cards that remind us we have them once a month.

  • A friend of mine forwarded to me an email with a list of paraprosdokians.

    I wasn’t familiar with the term, either. It kind of sounds like a debilitating disease.

    Typically, a paraprosdokian is a sentence or phrase in which the latter part is surprising in a way that makes the reader or listener rethink or reframe the earlier part. Apparently it is a term that hasn’t found its way into the dictionary but is said to have been coined possibly in the 19th century.

  • A budget-stretching tasty meal is a real treat as grocery prices continue to creep up.

    With a couple substitutions, Vegetable Lasgna is one of those meals. I first loved this dish for its taste but have a new appreciation for it as my family puts more demands on each grocery dollar.

    I discovered this recipe when  preparing for my older son’s first birthday party. We were hosting my family and my husband’s family. I needed something I could prep in advance and I needed something that would accommodate my vegetarian in-laws.