Today's Features

  • Brandon Dwight Broach, 17, of Radcliff, has earned the highest advancement award the Boy Scouts of America offers to Scouts, the Eagle Scout award.

    A member of Troop 128, chartered under Fort Knox Federal Credit Union, Broach joins the ranks of only a small percentage of Boy Scouts who attain the Eagle rank, according to Scoutmaster Mick Chiara.

    “Only about one in four boys that join scouting earn Eagle Scout,” he said. “This is a unique accomplishment and Brandon should be commended.”

  • Hardin County Circuit Court Clerk Loretta Crady, Grayson County Circuit Court Clerk Stacie Blain and Meade County Circuit Court Clerk Evelyn D. Medley participated in the 2013 Circuit Court Clerks Fall College Sept. 24 through 26 in Lexington. The Administrative Office of the Courts provided the judicial education program for the state’s circuit court clerks.

  • August, 6, and Emmarose, 3, grandchildren of Mike and Shirley Harmon of Elizabethtown, were on patrol in the neighborhood complete with handcuffs and caution tape. If residents were driving well, August wrote a ticket saying OK, but he gave two tickets for not wearing seatbelts. Meanwhile, Emmarose sold them lemonade. They earned $26 selling cold drinks.

  • John Thompsett of Izzy’s Little Creepers presents a check for $130 to Cori Tyler, board member of Parents Left Behind, Inc. The money was raised during the Night Risers Film Festival & Zombie Fest at the Pritchard Community center in September. Tyler also is a troop leader for Girl Scout Troop 1143, who had a bake sale and benefited from the event as well. Thompsett’s Izzy’s Little Creepers Haunted Attractions and Events Co., who created Elizabethtown Zombie Fest last year, created Night Risers Film Festival & Zombie Fest.

  • Martha Thomas’ rural life has led to many adventures including farming, serving in the sheriff’s office and scattering quilt squares across the county.

    In 1972, Thomas joined a homemakers club. She has been the county club president twice, Rineyville club president twice and held every other office in-between, she said.

  • Amber Lyvers, volunteer and food drive coordinator for Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland, left, and Gary Miles, executive director of Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland, right, receive a donation of $490.23 from Theresa Steinemann, leasing development and marketing manager for Towne Mall. Each quarter, the mall collects all the coins that have been thrown into the indoor fountain and donates them to a local organization. Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland was chosen to receive the change from the past three months.

  • When the weather cools, there’s nothing like a chicken pot pie to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    But there are alternatives to the traditional pie. Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes are one way to go.

    Before you get weirded out by the words “chicken pot pie” and “cupcake” in the same sentence, bear with me.

    These are delicious treats that can be served as an appetizer, finger food or main course.

    The dish isn’t really a cupcake. The individual pot pies just look like a cupcake or muffin after baking.

  • Halloween is almost upon us and I know many of you are thinking about what type of treats you can give away or have for a Halloween get-together.

    The ideas seem endless and I’ve selected a variety to share. There is Halloween Cheese Pizza with Halloween cheese cutouts, Eyeball Tacos, Spider Web Brownies and a punch with gummy worms in an ice ring. I hope you treat some little ghouls with some spooky food. Happy Halloween.

    Halloween Cheese Pizza

    1 ½ cups biscuit mix

    1/3 cup very hot water

  • John Thompsett of Izzy’s Little Creepers recently presented a food donation to Amber Lyvers, volunteer and food drive coordinator, of Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland. The donation was part of an admission discount food drive during the Night Risers Film Festival and Zombie Fest .

    Thompsett’s Izzy’s Little Creepers Haunted Attractions and Events Co., who created Elizabethtown Zombie Fest, created Night Risers Film Festival and Zombie Fest, which was held at Pritchard Community Center, Sept. 27 through 29.

  • The most important milestones in parenting might not be first tooth, first steps or even obtaining a driver’s license.

    Sure those were exciting enough. We celebrated every one of those achievements with the obligatory smiling photo, delighting the grandparents.

    But I’m reveling in the beginning of a new chapter in the parenting adventure. As of Oct. 1, all three of my children have found full-time jobs. With benefits. And my heart is singing.