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  • Members of the General Ben Hardin Helm Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans gathered to place VA military markers on Memorial Day for four Confederate veterans. Pictured is the marker for John Lee, who is buried in Lee Cemetery at Fort Knox. Members pictured are Darryl Nottingham, John Eastridge, Tim Bowman and David Nottingham.

  • In October of 2010, Western Kentucky University student Stephanie “Wolf Pack of 1” Maloney went to her first roller derby bout. She fell in love.

    It was the last bout of the season for the Vette City Roller Derby of Bowling Green.

    “I showed up the next day to start practicing and haven’t stopped since,” said Maloney, of Radcliff.

    A John Hardin High School graduate, Maloney laces up her skates and straps on her helmet and pads to battle it out in the rink.

  • In my 52 years, I’ve been scared of a lot of things and situations.

    But, why? I think it is called lacking faith in myself.

    I remember as a child, I was scared to death of the dark. It was really silly because I shared a room with my sister, Kim, and my parents’ room was a scream away. I think I had convinced myself I was seeing monsters and things were going bump in the night. I later found out the bump in the night was just our house settling.

    The News-Enterprise

    Not all baking has to be for people. Dogs  often  torturously   watch their owners whip p delicious smelling treats in their kitchens without even getting a single crumb of it.

  • Decades ago, Carrie Richardson accepted a small piece of a relative’s hydrangea. She and her husband toted the starter, wrapped in brown paper and placed in a small foam cooler in the trunk of the car, from Alabama to their home in Elizabethtown.

  • In today’s column, we find ourselves back on the alphabetical tour of fruits and vegetables with the letter S, focusing on one very popular vegetable.

    That vegetable is squash. If it’s not already in your garden, maybe it will be.

  • As spring turns into summer, the weather becomes warmer and communities move outside for entertainment.

    When sitting in a swing on the front porch or lazing on the back deck, limeades, lemonades and fruity variations of the two hit the spot.

    Usually these tasty concoctions only require a pitcher or blender to mix.

    Some not only are tasty but can add a beautiful touch to your family’s outdoor gathering or a ladies’ lunch.

  • Just beyond the front porch of the Mobley home off St. John Road, vibrant green rows of crops stretch across some of the 400 acres, a testament to the unbroken family line of farmers who have worked the land for five generations.

    “Mobleys came here in 1901,” said Kevin Mobley, 48.

    The long line has included fathers teaching sons to farm the land, planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops.

    “My dad was the only boss I ever had,” Kevin said.

  • There is only one knuckleball pitcher in the major leagues in 2012. He is Robert Allen Dickey, better known as R.A.

    This 37-year-old pitcher has been experiencing success with the knuckleball since last year. He is 8-1 with the New York Mets and has the most wins of any pitcher on the team’s staff.

    A Nashville native, he graduated from the University of Tennessee, where he was an English major. He made the U.S. Olympic team and won both games he pitched at the Olympics.

  • White Mills

    Kathleen Booker, 862-4922

    ANNIVERSARY WISH. Congratulations to Don and Ann Henriott on celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary June 10.

    SYMPATHY. Sympathy to the families of Mary Agnes Cecil, Joseph Mobley, Andrew Sutton, Marion Doerr and Marguerite Oney.

    CONGRATULATIONS. Congratulations to the Central Hardin baseball team for winning the 5th region baseball tournament championship game.