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  • By Autumn Sandlin

    With 110 million users in the United States alone, Facebook is one of the biggest social networking sites out there right now. Teens have found solace in the site with their status updates, pictures and easy access with friends.

    Something about Facebook really just rubs me the wrong way, though. Having deleted my profile back in October, I can’t convince myself to go back.

  • By Janelle Williams

    Unlike most seniors at Central Hardin High School, Noah Wiersema might not be dancing in a rented tux and singing off key to the latest hit song at prom this April.

    Instead, he might spend that evening sprinting in muddy cleats on a soccer field at a tournament in Michigan.

    “I’ve been playing soccer for pretty much forever.” said Wiersema, captain of the Bruins’ boys varsity soccer team. Quitting has never been an option, he said.

  • By Kerry Skiff

    When teenagers hang out, the atmosphere can seem noisy and chaotic and one might wonder what the teens see in their friends besides a good time.

    Teenagers often appear to choose their friends based on appearances, but upon a closer look, it's clear that beneath the loud exterior lies a relationship filled with good things.

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  • Girl Scout Troop 404 of Rineyville attended Girl Scouts at the Capitol Day in Frankfort recently, celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts. They had an extensive tour of the Capitol including the House of Representatives Chamber, the Senate Chamber and the Supreme Court Justice Courtroom.

  • “My Week with Marilyn” has received several nods during awards season but didn’t make it to local theaters. It’s now available for rental.

    The film chronicles young Colin Clark’s experience working on the set of the film “The Prince and the Showgirl” staring Marilyn Monroe and Sir Lawrence Olivier.

  • The membership of Elizabethtown Chapter 1050 of The National Active and Retired Federal Employees held their March 5 meeting at NOLIN RECC on Ring Road in Elizabethtown. The guest speaker for the day was Glen Deaton from Petroleum Helicopters Inc. Deaton flies STAT Flights for PHI to transfer patients to and from hospitals, including from accident scenes. The crew normally consists of the pilot, a certified EMS and a nurse. Deaton attended Warrant Officer School with the Army and learned to fly at Fort Rucker. He has been flying more than 15 years and his home base is in Greenville.

  • The Fort Knox Chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) held its monthly meeting on Feb. 21 at its clubhouse on Fort Knox.