Today's Features

  • Films from the BBC often can be one of two things. They can be utterly amazing or they can have potential but become awkward and distracting.

    “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” was the latter. The film only played in select theaters in March and was released for rental in July.

    While the actors’ performances are great, the story has a bit of an identity crisis and tries to accomplish too much in one movie.

    Is it a quirky romance? Is it a drama? Maybe a political film? It tries to be too many things.

  • Elizabethtown author Nancy Barry pens a book of stories too good not to be told.

    “It only took 72 years,” she said.

    Barry wanted to write a book since she was 3 years old.

    She was too poor to have toys and too little to go out and became bored. She went to school with her mother to enroll her brother in first grade and discovered the wonder of books. Barry became a lifelong lover of books, counting “The Yearling” and “Heaven is for Real” as some of her favorites.

  • Habits are reminders of how we expect things to be. We develop habits by training ourselves to perform certain actions in a certain environment under certain conditions.

    One day a couple weeks ago, when I got home from work, I retrieved two dog dishes to feed my two canine companions, Nanook and Tybalt. The problem was it had been a week and a half since I needed only one.

  • When 23-year-old Allie Porter was a senior at Elizabethtown High School, she was in a wreck that left her with two broken hips and a broken tailbone.

    But that barely slowed her down. After recuperating for a few months, she resumed her active lifestyle.

    And she just keeps going.

    “Every aspect of my life I want to move forward,” Porter said.

  • By Susan Rider

    Unfortunately, in life you might encounter enemies. Many times it’s of no fault of your own that someone doesn’t like you or someone tries to hurt you. It might be a disagreement of choices or envy. 

    Recently, a television series highlighted infamous enemies the Hatfields and the McCoys. A hatred and dislike that went on for years over a seemingly trivial reason caused many hurts and even deaths.

  • Wesley Hilltop seniors traveled to Bardstown May 18 for lunch at the Stephen Foster Restaurant. Approximately 30 people ate lunch and had a great time. Those who attended and are not pictured include Roy Harper, Randall Clauson, Raymond Schulton, Donna Means, Lucille Stillwell and Leon Whitlock.

  • A Christmas in July workshop weekend was hosted by Sew Much More Quilt Shop in Clarkson to Stitchers Quilt Guild members. Members worked on two different projects, a small Christmas wallhanging and a Christmas tree skirt.

  • Rotary District Governor Don Dykman was the guest speaker at the Hardin County AM Rotary Club meeting  July 27. Pictured from left, District Governor Don Dykman, Hardin County AM Rotary Club President Cindy Gipson and Assistant District Governor Michael Owsley.