Today's Features

  • Doug and Janet Gebler, left, with Greenspace President, Aaron Rucker, left rear, in attendance, lead about 12 Greenspace supporters through Greenspace’s Pirtle Trail to look for wildflowers on April 6. Because of cold and rainy March weather, only about a half-dozen native wildflowers were up for viewing. Board members and guests comprised the balance of the group. Greenspace Trails, located throughout Hardin County, are free and open to the public.  

  • People often incorrectly say sports have no true meaning in life. Tell that to Jackie Robinson and the 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers.

    The film “42” chronicles Robinson’s step into Major League Baseball, from the first pitch to the history-making home run in the pennant race his rookie season.

    For those who don’t know much about baseball or history, Jackie Robinson broke segregation barriers when he stepped onto a major league field in 1947.

  • Not long ago I was shopping with my girlfriend, Rebecca Ricks, and I saw a sign advertising something for use with smartphones.

    “I guess we won’t be using that,” I told Rebecca. “We’ve got dumbphones.”

    It’s true. Comparatively, anyway.


    The residents at Atria Elizabethtown invited students in a third-grade class at Southwestern Elementary School in Hanover, Ind., to Skype with them. The students and residents were asked to come up with a questions for each other. Atria resident Doris Pile had 14 fellow residents in her apartment to participate in the program. This was the first time any of the residents have been exposed to Skype.


    Elizabethtown Independent Schools has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Elizabethtown Community and Technical College. This partnership has increased opportunities for students and enhanced the development of their college and career readiness skills and abilities. When designing their program of study, students have multiple and varied avenues from which to select through ECTC, and each approach has unique advantages that benefit the students of our district.

  • Last week, my husband went to Georgia to visit his dad and sister who lives in the house above his dad’s basement apartment. For at least 15 years now, Chuck’s been making this trip every April to spend a week with his parents and, in his words, “just be a son.”

  • Members of the Hardin County Senior Republican Women’s Forum made a lot of fans last year.

    The group literally made hand-held fans sporting Abraham Lincoln’s likeness and including information about the group. Last year, the senior group — said to be the only such senior political organization in the United States — gave out about 4,000 of the fans, which were paid for by the Hardin County Republican Party.

    Members distributed fans to those attending festivals and community events, said president and charter member Shirley Westergren.

  • Lincoln Trail Area Master Gardeners welcome 2013 interns from left, Jennifer West, Sharon Ward, Suzanne McCoy, Barbara Mix, Sue Campbell and Anna Winchell.

  • There is a saying, “healthy is as healthy does.” I really believe that.

    In my 30 years teaching nutrition in home economics and family and consumer science, I always told my students there are a lot of ways to burn calories and there are a lot of foods that provide calories, but the final word on whether you gain or lose weight depends on calories in and calories burned.

  • One of this week’s Facebook finds is a recipe that quickly became a favorite dish  I’ll probably make again and again, Loaded Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole.

    There are a couple time-consuming steps to this recipe but the end result is worth it.

    Describing the taste doesn’t give it justice, but think about eating a loaded baked potato as a side to buffalo chicken and then put them all together for something delightful.