Today's Features

  • My mind is fluttering in about 50 different directions. I have so many ideas, but I can’t seem to focus on any of them.

    I blame my newest social networking obsession for this. Yes, I’m often on Facebook, I tweet and watch funny videos on YouTube but lately, thanks to a friend, I discovered Pinterest.

  • In the 1950s and 1960s there was one name in horror and it was Vincent Price. The Historic State Theater will be scaring patrons as Price stars in “The House on Haunted Hill” (1959) this weekend.

    The film features Price as a millionaire who, along with his fourth wife, invites five people to the home for a party. If partiers stay the entire night, they receive $10,000, but as the night goes on, the hauntings and terrors begin.


    You might be surprised to learn that, by percentage, most people in the world speak Mandarin Chinese. The second most natively spoken language in the world is Spanish.

    To keep up with our ever-changing global society, students must become foreign language learners. They need to be proficient in more than one language to be competitive in a global job market, to collaborate in global science initiatives and to participate in resolutions to world problems.

  • I would say by far the toughest job in the Army is that of the Army wife.

    I was an Army wife for 24 years. It was my choice to be a wife, and when I added Army to it, things really were spiced up.

    As I look back over the time spent alone, looking over mounds of boxes and packing paper taller than me, I know it was insane, but I would do it all over again.

  • Leah Morris is not content simply to cheer on her daughter, Kimberly, from the sidelines at Elizabethtown High School volleyball games.

    Throughout her daughter’s involvement in the sport, Morris has been a line judge, locker decorator, concession stand worker and treasurer for the Rapid Fire Volleyball Club based in Bardstown. She also helps coordinate homecoming activities.

    “I’m kind of one of those over-the-top volleyball moms,” Morris said.

  • The Fort Knox Potted Few Garden Club was established in 1976 and has 20 active members. The members provide the surrounding communities with a monthly flower arrangement or design to enhance fondness for flowers.
    Club members celebrate National Garden Week with posters and flower designs in the Radcliff Mayor’s office, Fort Knox Federal Credit Union and the Fort Knox and Elizabethtown libraries.

  • Michelle Domschke has been a soccer mom for about 14 years. Through her children, she's developed a love for the game and passion for supporting the players.

    Her oldest daughter, Taylor, has been playing since she was 4 and is now a senior on the North Hardin High School girls’ soccer team. Her middle daughter, Harley, an eighth-grader, plays for the North Hardin junior varsity team.

  • We all go through so many stages in life.

    You leave diapers and turn terrible when you are 2. You leave that stage and eventually head to kindergarten and then if you were like me, you occasionally get your knuckles cracked in Catholic school for a smart remark in class.

    Then you become a middle schooler and you fall in love and you truly believe that this person is the one you will spend the rest of your life with. Today, it is hard to even remember their name, let alone what made you lose your mind over them.

  • I’m not as a rule a huge fan of chili or tacos. But I surely do love these two recipes – Janet Steller’s White Chicken Chili and Mitzi Crowe’s Taco Soup. Both chili and taco soup are traditionally made with ground beef, but these recipes use chicken.

  • Here we are again on an alphabetical field trip through Culinary Land and this week we are featuring the letters F and G. Now that sounded like something I first heard on “Sesame Street.” But no, we are in the midst of another “Dash of Class” column and I have information about figs and grapes that I hope you find informative and interesting.