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  • White Mills

    Terri Spencer, 862-4604

  • White Mills

    Terri Spencer, 862-4604

  • Howevalley

    Andrea Sherrard Gilpin, 735-7845

    IT’S A GIRL. Cory and I are having a girl in May. Mom went to the doctor with us Jan. 11 to have the ultrasound done. It was very emotional for me. She will be named Chloe Marie. Cory said she will be daddy’s girl. Mom told me all along it would be a girl. She was smiling big.
       CLUB NEWS. The Howevalley Vertrees Community Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 28. Anyone wanting to become a member, please attend this meeting.

  • South Hardin

    Daphne Turpin, 872-3223

    Well, there still is no snow. The rain came in floods and if it had been snow it would have been a nice amount. I guess we can still hope.

  • Stephensburg

    Betty Pullen, 862-4844

    Hello friends and readers. Well, we all made it another week and I’m hoping everyone is well.

    Over the weekend, I went to Kevin and Janice Goodman’s benefit and the gym was full of things donated and most of all of friends and loved ones who were there to support them. I’m sure the money is greatly appreciated, but the people who came out showing their love and support means a lot. The people who helped work the benefit were great. I know the Goodman family is very thankful to all who helped.

  • The following marriage dissolutions have been granted in Hardin Circuit Court in Elizabethtown.

    Joshua Fulcher, 27, and Patricia Huffman, 29, both of Radcliff. Married eight years.

    Coree H. Barnes, 33, Radcliff, and Erin N. Ramsey, 34, Elizabethtown. Married four months.

    Jonathan Edwards, 27, Pensacola, Fla., and Estefania Daiana Edwards, 26, Fort Knox. Married six years.

    John W. Haley, 55, Louisville, and Luella D. Spillman, 56, Radcliff. Married 29 years.

  • The following marriage licenses have been issued in Hardin County.

    Marsha Lynn Bush, 32, Madison, Wis., and Benjamin Howard Bull, 30, Elizabethtown.

    Tommi Lee Whitehouse, 27, Georgetown, Ind., and Tyler Michael Bonefield, 23, Fort Knox.

    Nicole Raina Folden, 30, and Jeremey Dale Smith, 32, both of Big Clifty.

    Tammy Lynn Farmer, 42, and Walter Tompkins III, 57, both of Cecilia.

    Courtney Shea Mann, 18, Scottsville, and Kevin Eric Hughes II, 20, Elizabethtown.

  • The following cases of Driving Under the Influence and the resolution of those cases are found in Hardin District Court Division I in Elizabethtown. ADE is an abbreviation for Alcohol Driver Education, BAC is the Blood Alcohol Concentration reading, KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs, EIP stands for Early Intervention Program and VIP stands for Victims Impact Panel. A service fee is added to all DUIs and court costs are added to all charges. Birth year is in parenthesis.

  • The following misdemeanor cases are found in Hardin District Court Division I in Elizabethtown. KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs. Totals include court costs and/or public advocacy fees. Birth year is in parenthesis.

  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    Not too long ago I typed, as near as I could remember it, that quote from Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu on the Facebook wall of a friend. She had announced she had made it through her first day back at work, after taking leave to attend to the medical needs of her son.

    I offered the quote as a sort of acknowledgement of support and encouragement.

    I’ve always admired that quote.