Tuesday's Teen

  • Brooke Horn focused on her craft

    For three-quarters of her life, Brooke Horn has been dancing.

    The Central Hardin High School junior, who can be seen dancing in the Dance Centre of Elizabethtown’s “The Nutcracker” this weekend, began at age 4.

    “I love doing Nutcracker every year, it’s one of my favorite parts of the year,” Horn said.

  • Teen finds career path through anime

    It started for Adelle Malone when she was in sixth grade and began watching the anime show “Sailor Moon.”

    Watching the Japanese show, Malone, now 17, began drawing anime characters, later branching out to include the genres of steam punk and cyber punk.

    The Central Hardin High School student plans to pursue a career in art.

  • North Hardin senior cooks up career

    Jahvin Murray doesn’t mind working in the kitchen. In fact, he prefers it to doing anything else.

    “I love being in the kitchen,” he said. “I like working with food and being so active in the kitchen. It feels good.”

  • Peyton Dozer, the camo-wearing beauty queen

    Peyton Dozer’s interest are a mix of glamour and wild game. She’s equal parts beauty queen and hunter.

    The Elizabethtown High School sophomore became involved in hunting because of her dad, Ken, who is involved in the National Wild Turkey Federation.

  • Red Cross training pays off for teen

    When she was about 13, like many girls that age, 16-year-old Katelyn Strange started babysitting.

    The Central Hardin High School student had taken courses through the American Red Cross in Elizabethtown that earned her babysitting and CPR certification.

    Strange put that training to use last summer when she rescued a neighbor’s choking infant.

  • Jason Nall's background in FFA guided him to join Army ROTC

    As an MS1, or first-year cadet in the Army ROTC, Jason Nall has physical training at 6:30 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the University of Louisville. He’s also required to take Military Science 101 and complete the Army physical fitness test, or APST, twice a year.

  • In love with words, teen also expresses herself in other ways

    “I love grammar,” Jennifer Pinto exclaimed while talking about her favorite subject in school.

    The 18-year-old not only loves grammar but is also active in her church and community and is fond of dancing.

  • Stage draws teen back to spotlight

    Christopher Narmi, 17, didn’t know it several years ago, but when he decided to step away from the stage the spotlight would follow him.

    “To be honest, I’d actually gotten tired of the stage when I was in eighth grade,” Narmi said.

  • Austin Kinder may 'draw' his own career opportunities

    Although typically a person of few words, Austin Kinder’s passion for art speaks for itself.

    “I think it feels good to create something,” he said. “It just kind of feels really good to know that you can make your own world or people.”

  • A variety of interest keeps Xela Klockow focused on college goals

    Xela Klockow may be a freshman at North Hardin High School but she’s focused on what she wants in her future.

    She participates in a variety of school activities because she enjoys them and because she thinks they’ll be helpful in a few years as she starts applying for colleges. Currently, much of her time is absorbed by the color guard.