Wednesday's Woman

  • Motherhood and More: Being true to yourself

    I’m a bit of a sci-fi bug. It’s not something I realized about myself until recently, as in the last couple years or so.

    I mean, you’d think it would have been obvious, but I believe I spent too much of my life trying to pretend I was much cooler than I actually am.

  • Charitable thrift store founder helps those in need

    A few years ago, when the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Elizabethtown did not have a thrift store, Judy Banks suggested one be established.

    It was in the fall of 2011 when Banks, who has volunteered for the organization for more than six years, said she told organization members she hoped her proposal would be turned down.

    “Of course, they wanted to do this,” Banks said.

    Fundraising began with appeals for donations of $1,000. Banks wanted to model the Elizabethtown thrift store after an upscale one she had seen.

  • Life or Something Like It: Recycling effort brings satisfaction

    I admit it. I’m one of those tree huggers who recycles. You know, the ones who chirp they reuse junk mail envelopes to write their grocery lists on so they can tuck their coupons inside.

    Well, I don’t exactly do that, but I often feel I’m on a mission to keep things out of the landfill.

    Take office paper, for instance. If one side has printing on it, there are 93.5 perfectly good square inches of space on the other side that can be used for handouts, schedules, lists of classes and the like.

  • Susan Figg, four decades in child care

    Susan Figg has taken care of Elizabethtown’s children for 45 years.

    Over those decades, Figg has worked in preschool, daycare, church nurseries and private child care.

    But that wasn’t her original goal.

    After high school she went to business college in Louisville and did modeling work on the side. Her intention was to work in business administration.

    Her husband, Daryl, joined the U.S. Air Force and the couple was stationed in England for four years.

  • Dina Hackert balances faith, family and basketball

    Dina Hackert may only have recently stepped into a coaching role in Meade County, but she’s had a long history with the sport of basketball and a heart for ministry.

    Hackert is a Meade County High School graduate whose basketball team went to the state tournament during her career. While at Hope College, her team won a NCAA Division III national championship in 1990.

    She’s coached at a variety of levels in Michigan, from varsity girls to middle school. Hackert and her husband, Jeff, also are ordained ministers.

  • Got To Be Real: Your past is gone, but your present is a gift

    Is my present more important than my past? I saw that statement on a Facebook post and it got the wheels of my mind turning.

    When I look back at my past, I really don’t think it is that bad, but of course it is my past and I might be too soft on myself.

    Yes, my past — like most people who are honest with themselves — is filled with good and bad, highs and lows, secrets, truths, half truths and no truth, joy, pain, happy tears, sad tears and those tears that come for no reason at all.

  • Volunteer seeks to encourage others to volunteer

    Cheri Ellis-Reeves of Elizabethtown has found a passion in volunteering and she encourages others to do the same.

    She credits teamwork with playing an important role in what she does.

    “We all work together here,” the Elizabethtown resident said, as she visited Helping Hand of Hope’s Elizabethtown office.

    The organization, which also has an office in Radcliff, offers assistance to those in need. Among other things, Helping Hand of Hope provides food and clothing, financial assistance and job readiness training.

  • Speakers With Spark: Make a commitment for love of a child

    Recently, going through an airport, I saw a poster of a beautiful little girl around 4, saying, “All I want for Christmas is a family.” It was an effective marketing tool because it touched my heart.

    There are many people wanting to adopt and many children waiting for someone to love them. Bless those who can find the place and time in their lives to give this little girl the best present of her life. Not everyone can adopt, but there are many children who just need someone to be their voice.

  • Motherhood and More: Emotions spin as Mom heads back to work

    I can’t call myself a stay-at-home mom anymore.

    You see, I got a real-live, brush-your-hair-every-day, leave-the-house type of job. And I’m so excited, so thrilled and so nervous.

  • Sallie Potts doesn't let tragedy keep her down

    Vine Grove’s Sallie Potts had a life-changing experience in 2009.
    She was hit head-on by a drunken driver.

    “My life came to a dramatic change the evening of Nov. 30, 2009,” she said.