Wednesday's Woman

  • Supporting early childhood education

    For 18 years, Kathy King has been a key figure in Har­din County’s early childhood programs and initiatives.

    “I’ve been lucky to work in a field I’m so passionate about,” King said.

    She works with Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C) and serves on the Hardin County Community Early Childhood Council.

  • End of adult education role reflects success

    Renae Harrison is happily retired from her role as Hardin County adult education coordinator. Although she thoroughly enjoyed her job, she says did it so well she wasn’t needed anymore and retired in October.

    And that was fine with her. It had actually been a goal.

  • Soup kitchen founder knows the homeless life

    Through life’s challenges Joyce Hamilton persevered and now her focus is caring for those in need in the community. Homeless at 19 years old in Brooklyn, Hamilton had two children and was leaving an abusive relationship.

  • Helping make communities better from behind the scenes

    When SpringHaven Domestic Violence Program held a special video presentation in early October unveiling an addition to the Elizabethtown shelter, it was the culmination of lots of work, not the least of which was done by Janice Rawson.

    Rawson, a public administration specialist with Lincoln Trail Area Development District, worked to find funding for the expansion.

  • Lenora Rodgers gives back through the stories she tells

    Author Lenora Rodgers uses her love of writing to help support organizations in the community.

    She said she was an “Army brat’ and an only child. The family moved around a lot during her father’s career in the military and she remembers writing a lot during that time but never did anything with it.

  • Agency director helps provide children New Beginnings

    Becoming site director for New Beginnings Family Services, a foster care agency, wasn’t something Christy Riley Lucas originally expected for her life.

    “My initial plan was to go into advertising,” Lucas said.

  • Melloan’s varied life inspires other women in business

    Joni Melloan’s life experiences have been as varied as the homes she shows in her real estate business.

    The 60-year-old has been a model and spokesperson for advertising campaigns, a gospel singer, mom, real estate agent and student.

  • Collection showcases Vine Grove woman's travels

    Ann Jones has been attracted to travel for years and mementos of her destinations are attracted to her refrigerator.

    Last summer, Jones completed her collection of refrigerator magnets from all 50 states — an undertaking the 91-year-old unceremoniously began some 25 years ago.

  • Davette Swiney is focused on community growth and improvement

    Davette Swiney uses her farm-raised values to help people spread philanthropy to the community.

    “I attribute a lot of my experiences and skills to growing up on a farm and what I learned there,” she said.

    She grew up on a dairy farm in central Kentucky and those experiences remain the center to her values and strong work ethic, she said.

  • Library director embraces change

    In a couple of months, Rene Hutcheson will mark her fifth anniversary as director of the Hardin County Public Library. Her role has been one of changes, whether keeping up with them or implementing them.

    Hutcheson said libraries, in general, have changed over the years and when she began at the Hardin County Public Library, she had ideas she wanted to implement.