Wednesday's Woman

  • Davette Swiney is focused on community growth and improvement

    Davette Swiney uses her farm-raised values to help people spread philanthropy to the community.

    “I attribute a lot of my experiences and skills to growing up on a farm and what I learned there,” she said.

    She grew up on a dairy farm in central Kentucky and those experiences remain the center to her values and strong work ethic, she said.

  • Former West Point chamber director embraces family roots

    For West Point resident Roszelle Moore, the town nestled beside the mighty Ohio River in northern Hardin County isn’t just a residence, it’s a longtime home.

    With a deep ancestry that can be linked to some of the first residents of the town, Moore has come to regard West Point as a place of not only Kentucky history but family history.

  • Library director embraces change

    In a couple of months, Rene Hutcheson will mark her fifth anniversary as director of the Hardin County Public Library. Her role has been one of changes, whether keeping up with them or implementing them.

    Hutcheson said libraries, in general, have changed over the years and when she began at the Hardin County Public Library, she had ideas she wanted to implement.

  • Peggy Adams is a busy homeschool mom and Clarity supporter

    Peggy Adams’ role as a homeschooling mom lead to a desire to become active in the community with Clarity Solutions for Women.

    Adams and her husband, Eric, have five daughters and one son, now ages 14 to 26. She began homeschooling in 1993 and currently there are two young enough to still be homeschooled.

  • Kathryn Spalding has lead an adventurous life

    Kathryn Spalding always has seen life as an adventure and claims to be fearless.

    Above the door of her classroom, she would place the words “carpe diem” for students to see as they left. She tried to prepare them to seize every day and to learn the value of the written word.

  • North Hardin grad well-suited as agency co-founder

    When Jennifer Monarch was a senior at North Hardin High School in Radcliff, she was voted Best Dressed.

    “I have always loved clothes,” she said.

    That high school honor was a precursor of things to come.

  • Jo Ellen Thomas cares for creatures great and small

    Jo Ellen Thomas credits her farm heritage for a love of animals and her work ethic.

    An educator for almost 40 years, she has continued to work limited hours in the school system since retiring in 2008.

    “My passion seems to be children, dogs, pets and old people, not necessarily in that order,” Thomas said.

  • Preservation is key for museum chairwoman

    Starting out as a front desk volun­teer at the Hardin County History Museum, Judy Mattice didn’t quite plan to be where she is today: the organization’s latest chairwoman.

    “I backed into this job,” Mattice said.

    By the same token, it might not come as a surprise to those who know Mattice that she took on the role.

  • Music is central to this soldier, cyclist, personal trainer, Mom

    With a variety of interests in Lorene Fowler’s life, there’s one central chord that drove it all: music.

    Fowler retired from the U.S. Army in 2003. In her final posting at Fort Knox, she was a first sergeant in the 113th Army Band, the Dragoons. She played saxophone and traveled all over the world, spending some time in Germany and a tour in Korea.

  • Teacher-turned-librarian also reader-turned-writer

    Martha West has been reading children’s books to students for years, but recently, she read students a book she has more than a passing familiarity with: one she wrote.