Wednesday's Woman

  • Motherhood and more: Making things by hand provides sense of pride

    I like to make things. I’ve always liked to make things. If it’s something I think I can do myself, well, then at least I’m going to attempt it.

  • Teacher-turned-librarian also reader-turned-writer

    Martha West has been reading children’s books to students for years, but recently, she read students a book she has more than a passing familiarity with: one she wrote.

  • Life Or Something Like It: Celebrating a lifetime together

    Early next month, my husband and I will have been married 40 years. That’s a concept I find difficult to fathom and at the same time perfectly reasonable.

  • Laura Lamb goes from fighting fires to financial aid

    Laura Lamb prefers to see life through the lens of her camera.

    A former firefighter, when she’s not help-ing students in the financial aid department at Elizabethtown Community and Tech-nical College, she often can be found taking photos of nature and for area non-profits.

    Originally from Louisville, she moved to Hardin County at age 10.

  • Historical West Point site is 20-year focus for volunteer

    Fort Duffield, a Civil War site in West Point, has many supporters and one of its longtime friends is Connie Morris.

    Morris, who is from southwestern Jefferson County, has been the secretary of the Fort Duffield Heritage Committee for 20 years.

    “I’m the paper side of Fort Duffield,” Morris said. “The paper side and the publicity.”

  • Got to Be Real: If we only knew

    By Shonna Sheckles

    I often sit back and wonder when tragedy befalls me; would I react the same way if I knew? I believe that I and others would try very hard to change the course of negative and hurtful things in our lives if we had a warning.

  • Speakers With Spark: Time in a bottle

    By Susan Rider

    What would you pay if you could go to the store and purchase a bottle of time? What would you do with it and how much more would you value time? If time in a bottle was $5 per minute, how would that change your day?

  • Lauren Kinser, teaching and learning in Romania

    Lauren Kinser is having the experience of a lifetime this summer.

    The 21-year-old Elizabethtown native is in Romania working with orphaned children through Home of Hope.

    A Bonner Scholar at Lindsey Wilson College, she always wanted to go to Romania but never made plans for it. About a month ago, she got a call and was asked if money wasn’t an issue how serious was she about going there.

    She said she would be on the next flight.

  • Artist immerses herself on stage, behind the scenes

    Claire Allen knows her way around a stage.

    Not only has Allen acted upon that stage for Hardin County Playhouse, she also has painted sets and worked in various roles behind the scenes.

    “I painted several sets before I started acting,” Allen said.

    Additionally, Allen is president of the HCP board of directors. She has been a member of the board since late 2008.

    Allen recalled that first role as part of an ensemble in an HCP production of “The Sound of Music.”

    “I was a nun,” Allen said.

  • Motherhood and More: Better-ish a step in the right direction

    Nobody say it too loudly, but I think we might have turned a corner with my daughter.

    Sort of.

    I mean, she still can throw down with the best and toughest of them and will let us know when she’s not happy we don’t allow her to do something she’s convinced she’s perfectly capable of doing by herself. Like jump off the dining room table.

    Although, really, she has a perfect landing, so I probably should encourage more jumping off furniture. And cars. And trees. And whatever else is high and guaranteed to cause heart palpitations.