Wednesday's Woman

  • Sylvia Griendling, a life's journey.

    Sylvia Griendling’s life is as textured as her husband Rich’s artwork.

    She’s not used to talking about herself. Rich always does the interviews for their business.

    “I’ve just stayed in the background and enjoyed that actually,” Griendling said. “I’m not a spotlight kind of person.”

    Rich said he has always been aware that she put his career first.

    “It’s nice to share some of the spotlight,” Rich said.

  • Have knowledge, will travel

    On any given weekday, Dottye Moore can be found driving around Hardin County making the educational equivalent of a doctor’s house call.

    “I guess the three things you’d need for this job are a GPS, a hybrid car and a cell phone with good coverage,” Moore said.

    Moore is a homebound teacher for Hardin County Schools. In fact, she is the only full-time homebound teacher with the system. Other certified teachers work on a contractual basis.

  • James Earl Jones: Hear the voice, See the skill


    James Earl Jones is “The Voice.”

    He is the voice of Darth Vader, CNN, as well as Mufasa of "The Lion King." Virtually everyone has had some exposure to this incredible voice. But James Earl Jones is much more than just a voice. He is one of the most decorated American actors. It is an incredible experience to watch and listen to James Earl Jones.

  • Feb. 2 WW: Ask the Expert: Add exercise without changing your routine


  • Gina Ryan: Wired for television

    All her 49 years, Gina Ryan has been fascinated with all forms of mass media.

    A life-long resident of Rineyville, she once thought she would be the announcer for the Cincinnati Reds. In high school, her interest changed to writing and interviewing. Every story was fresh and new to Ryan.

  • WW 1-19 Ask the expert: Getting organized in 2011


    When I was growing up, we used a rock for a hammer and five-inch “barn nails” for getting things done around our house. My dad often would take the house tools “to the barn,” which must have been code for Bermuda Triangle because once these tools left, they never came back.

    The right tool for the job not only makes the end result turn out better it also makes the job-doer a much happier being.

  • Life or something like it: A new job for a new year


    With the new year came a new job for me.

    I’m still at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, but I’ve stepped out of the classroom (mostly) and am focusing more on advising students, both brand new ones and those who have been at the college a few semesters.

  • Wendy Wilburn: Not kidding around

    Wendy Wilburn seems to do Everything 4 Kids.

    The business owner has two stores — named Everything 4 Kids, of course — in Radcliff and Elizabethtown. But the disabled veteran is more than a business owner. Wilburn helps moms, children and families by providing donations and resources.

    The origin of her business venture began in 2001 when she and her husband, Chris, were both active duty military. Wilburn began selling her son’s “gently used” items at a flea market in Elizabethtown.

  • The more fruits and veggies, the better

    All national health organizations recommend eating five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day to promote good health and reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other chronic conditions.
    Fruits and veggies contribute to good health because they contain vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and other essential nutrients. Most are low in fat and calories, high in fiber and contain no cholesterol.

  • Stephanie Harrison: A local face of family preservation

    When it comes to preserving a family at risk of being separated, Stephanie Harrison is ready to help.
    Harrison is director of Intensive Family Preservation Services/Community Collaboration for Children in Elizabethtown. Its programs serve the eight-county Lincoln Trail District.
    “We do prevent children from being taken from homes,” Harrison said.
    Clients are families referred by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services that have been assessed as being at risk of being separated for any number of issues including neglect and abuse.