Wednesday's Woman

  • Got to be Real: Mothers always find a way

    By Shonna Sheckles

    In the past month from my kitchen window, I have noticed a robin flying back and forth under my patio carrying string, straw and whatever else it can find to build a nest.

    The robin has chosen as its new home the very top rung of my husband’s ladder. The robin has worked so hard for at least two weeks. Finally, last Wednesday, I noticed a finished product. Not only had this mother robin provided a home for her soon to be offspring, she is very protective of her environment.

  • All must know the rules of the game
  • Nurturing is in nature of Pat Bohannon

    About 12 years ago, Pat Bohannon seized a unique opportunity.

    That was when she began working with Hardin County Schools Experience Children’s Early Learning, or ExCEL, program, which helps teen parents with child care while keeping them from dropping out of high school. It was a chance, Bohannon felt, to honor her own mother, a nurturing parent who had just died.

  • Growing something good in Hardin County

    After graduating from college, Amy Aldenderfer left her home in St. Louis and headed to Elizabethtown.

    Becoming the Hardin County Extension Agent for Horticulture 18 years ago was a good fit, she said, considering she started gardening at a young age.

    She took after her grandfather who always was a good gardener. She started working in the family vegetable garden when she was as young as 6 and found it fit her personality.

    She was pleased to find out when she went to college she could make a career of something like that.

  • Motherhood and more: Weighing the workforce

    I’ve been contemplating going back to work.

    Well, sort of. I mean, I want to. I do. Kind of. My kids are growing older. My son will start kindergarten in the fall, and my daughter will be old enough to start preschool.

    It seems a good time to start looking. I like the idea of doing something, using my mind for more than worrying about my kids eating enough vegetables, contributing to the household funds, and in turn being able to go out to eat on occasion or buy a dress without feeling that I’m taking money away from my kids’ vegetable fund.

  • Local cancer survivor to walk in Parade of Pink

    Dealing with breast cancer didn’t dampen Theda Meredith’s spirit, her success in banking or her love of life.

    In 1997, Meredith was diagnosed with breast cancer. She found the lump herself and a specialist recommended removing the tumor along with a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery on her right breast. There were 13 malignant lymph nodes.

    She went through chemotherapy and felt fine. The cancer returned in 2000 and again in 2003.

  • Life or Something Like It: Missing the other half

    Last week, my husband went to Georgia to visit his dad and sister who lives in the house above his dad’s basement apartment. For at least 15 years now, Chuck’s been making this trip every April to spend a week with his parents and, in his words, “just be a son.”

  • Senior Republican group provides social, political outlet

    Members of the Hardin County Senior Republican Women’s Forum made a lot of fans last year.

    The group literally made hand-held fans sporting Abraham Lincoln’s likeness and including information about the group. Last year, the senior group — said to be the only such senior political organization in the United States — gave out about 4,000 of the fans, which were paid for by the Hardin County Republican Party.

    Members distributed fans to those attending festivals and community events, said president and charter member Shirley Westergren.

  • Got to be Real: Keep fighting life's trials and tribulations

    Do you sometimes feel as if life has pulled the rug right out from under your feet? Well, I have been feeling that way lately.

    I mentioned all my misfortune of late to a friend who said, “Be thankful for trials and tribulations.” Be thankful for pain and worry? Are you crazy?

  • Around the world in 11 months

    Lydia Shaw is on the final leg of an 11-month worldwide mission.

    The 24-year-old was a teacher at Rineyville Elementary School before leaving for her adventure in July of 2012.

    “I got involved with the World Race when I started feeling God calling me to go and spread his name around December 2011,” she said.

    She searched online for short-term mission trips, but after reading about the World Race, she was hooked.

    “It was far from short-term, but I knew that it was exactly where God wanted me,” she said.