Duke the Welsh Corgi: Little dog, big loss

Duke, in June, on the balcony of a condo looking out at the beach on vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Many of you have followed the adventures of Duke the Corgi and I have sad news to share.

This sweet little dog died July 30, leaving a Corgi-size hole in the heart of all who knew him.

He only stood about a foot off the ground but the footprint he left on life was massive.

For me, he was my little buddy who followed me everywhere. His greatest joy was riding in a car, partly because he loved riding and partly because when he rode in the car he got to go wherever I was going.

His favorite place to go was Grandma’s, where he was spoiled rotten with special night-time treats and free reign to do whatever he wanted. His last car ride was the Sunday before he died, going home from grandma’s.

He went on many adventures to the beach, to the moun­tains and lakeside. No matter where he went, he drew a crowd of admirers who wanted to see the cute little short dog.

And he loved every second of it.

When I’d bring him to the office, he had to go around to each person and make sure he got attention from everyone before he would settle down and sit next to me at my desk.

His small little life reached out to everyone who knew him.

A friend told me for her family, he was therapy. They recently had lost their dog and Duke’s visits to their house helped them get over the loss.

And he was a social media star. I can’t even count the number of people who talked about how much they enjoyed seeing photos of him and hearing about his adventures.

As much as my heart is breaking over the loss, I know others will miss him as well.

He was more than just a dog — he was a superstar.

He loved clothes, too. He had many bandannas and bow ties. If I pulled one out of the drawer he’d get excited. Not only did that mean he got to dress up but it usually meant he was going somewhere or someone was coming by. He liked getting dressed up for visitors.

One bandanna read “Best Dog in the Galaxy.” A piece of clothing never held a truer phrase.

When he died, I cried more than I ever thought I’d cry over an animal. He was family and held a piece of my heart in his tiny paw.

At night, he slept snuggled up next to me, and out of habit, I still find myself reaching over to pet him when I wake up. When the realization hits that he’s not there, it stings deeply.

He was an amazing gift from God that filled my life with joy for 13 of his 15 years. The retired cattle dog lived his life pampered and loved.

There never will be another dog like him and he never will know how much he was loved. Or maybe he did.

He truly enjoyed life and everyone he encountered in his life.

Rest in peace, my little snuggle buggle. Life isn’t the same without you.

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1740 or bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.


Becca Owsley is a features reporter at The News-Enterprise.