Who out there hates cleaning?

It’s not my favorite thing to do. As soon as I finish cleaning house, I turn around and it’s dirty again. Not horribly dirty, but with two pets, there’s often work to do.

It just feels like a continuous cycle. And then, you let things pile up on a table or kitchen cabinet and there’s even more to clean.

But when the house isn’t straightened, it kind of feels blah.

I’m not a fan of cleaning, but when the house is vacuumed, dusted and straightened it feels so good. It’s almost like you have a new home feel each week when it’s cleaned.

OK, let’s be honest, sometimes it doesn’t happen each week.

Closets get jammed full with things we should have let go of years ago. There’s a box now sitting in my bedroom floor I need to take off somewhere. It’s filled with clothes I haven’t worn in at least two seasons but for some reason I keep, wasting a much needed hanger.

But that’s kind of how it is in life.

We let our life get cluttered. So many things to do, so many projects up in the air and no real time to do them.

Sometimes, we need a massive life clean out.

That same feeling you have in your house, you might have in life. The clutter of too much going on can be suffocating. You can’t concentrate and the things in life just keep piling up.

Your life can be cluttered in other ways as well. It’s not just activities that can be overwhelming but emotions, relationships. work and more can cause your life to feel a mess.

And, back to the unclean house, when the chores in life pile up, your stress in life piles on as well.

So how do you declutter life?

Books and books have been written on this subject. I’m no expert but here are a few thoughts.

• Reduce the activities in your life. Everything you do in life is not a necessity. Find at least one you can cut out to leave room for other things. Prioritize, think about what’s going on that’s most important. Do it first and get to the other things when you have time.

• Keep calm and carry on. Some­times, there are things in your life you just can’t fix. There are relationships that aren’t healthy or work situations that will never get better. Sometimes, you just have to walk away from those relationships to find more healthy ones or find a new job that’s a better fit for your life.

Not that any of those things are easy, but something to think about when the mess of life becomes like that pile of papers on the countertop you keep saying you’ll get to later.

At some point, you have to sort through that pile, decide what’s important to keep and discard the rest.

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1740 or bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.