When it was announced “The Office” is leaving Netflix in January 2021, fans went into a panic that would rival a freak out by show character Michael Scott.

It is the most watched show on the streaming service and in many fan favorite queues. It’s leaving because NBC, the network which first aired the show, is creating its own streaming service.

On June 25, Netflix tweeted the news to fans.

“We’re sad that NBC has decided to take The Office back for its own streaming platform — but members can binge watch the show to their hearts’ content ad-free on Netflix until January 2021.”

Fans did not take this news very well. Many lamented with memes from the show. Others threatened to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. I wonder how fast DVD sales of the series grew after the news.

The show and its offbeat humor have become a favorite of many as they follow the lives, trials and pranks of Michael, Pam, Jim, Dwight and others. The characters often were exaggerated forms of people we know in our own workplaces.

Anyone who ever watched the show has a favorite episode. The time Dwight did fire safety training and everyone freaked out, the time Michael burned his foot on a George Foreman Grill, romantic moments with Pam and Jim and the “it is your birthday” episode, to name a few, are delights of fans.

When we heard the news at work, fellow features writer Andrew Critchelow and I talked about some of our favorite episodes, characters and shared a few GIFs through Messenger. It often is a topic of discussion with the features team. Like the day I told him I can’t stand Kevin and he protested saying the episode when Kevin spills the chili is comedy gold. His favorite episode involves a dinner party at the home of main character Michael Scott.

I wouldn’t say we panicked at the news, but we did try to figure out how many times we could re-watch the series before it’s removed.

“The Office” is shown many afternoons during the week on Comedy Central. It also is currently featured on the over-the-air rerun service called COZI-TV.

It’s become the show I sit down to watch while eating dinner with Duke the Corgi sitting by my side in his Dunder Mifflin Paper Company ban­dana. Well, the routine includes “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation” which probably will leave the streaming service as well.

Honestly, that’s more of a catastrophe to me than “The Office” leaving and worth a sad song by Andy Dwyer, but I digress. I guess Duke also needs a Mouse Rat or Lil’ Sebastien bandana.

In the end, we will all survive, but life might be a little less funny for a while. We won’t get to see Michael make a mess of things, Jim prank Dwight and Dwight plot to take over the office. But we still can slip funny Office references into conversation and when someone laughs, we’ll know they understand.

Fans will just have add a complete series DVD box set to their Christmas list or pay for yet another streaming service.

On a side note, streaming services have gotten out of hand. What was once a way to lessen your television entertainment bills now has become expensive. After you add all the services you use together, it’s as high or higher than a typical satellite bill. The business term is subscription fatigue.

Regardless, fans will find a way to watch this crazy band of characters, one way or another.

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