Dancers, vocalists and musicians set the stage Saturday at Hope Church in Radcliff as the ministry hosts Night of Refuge pre­sen­ted by HYLY Fav­or­ed Productions.

Set for 5 to 7 p.m. at 599 W. Lincoln Trail Blvd. in Radcliff, the event is free to the public.

HYLY Favored Pro­ductions co-owner Tee Freeman said it is not a preaching service. The evening offers an opportunity for people of all denominations and those without to come together for fellowship and to experience God.

Freeman said they invited local and out-of-state independent gospel and Christian artists and asked them to set the atmosphere for people.

The featured guest is Psalmist Sharon Roshell. She has released three projects, “God Is Bigger” in 2005, “Never Thirst Again” in 2008 and “Church Girl 20:14” in 2014, which set the stage for her national debut, as the album charted on Billboard, according to her online biography.

Her latest single is “iSing,” which is de­scrib­ed as “a transparent, passionate, and cutting edge song that takes listeners through Sharon’s journey from fear to freedom in Christ.”

The biography calls Roshell more than a singer.

“She has the ability to bring her audience to an experience with God through her passionate delivery and powerful vocals,” it said.

Other performers in Sat­ur­day’s lineup in­clude Tami Delaney, Bri­s­ton Xavier, Michael Gi­bon­ey, Heather Renee and Yahweh Dance. Lady Lynn Live, a radio personality from Cham­paign, Illinois, is emceeing the event.

Along with their performances, people who attend are welcome to dance and sing or express their worship anyway they choose.

Freeman said they are offering “the opportunity to hear and get something back from God or to just bask in His presence.”

“We want the community to know that God loves them and He is open to share love with them,” she said.

Freeman said she and her husband, Danny, have lived in the area for six year after moving from Chicago. She said frequently they would invite people into their home for worship and fellowship.

Freeman said her husband felt God’s calling to open the invitation to the community. She said Hope Church next to Plan­et Fitness in Radcliff was gracious enough to open its doors to the event.

“It’s all based on God’s love,” she said. “ … We want the community healed, we want them to experience God’s love with each other and to give love back.”

For information, call 270-986-7996.

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