The Radcliff Small Business Alliance directors recently con­duc­t­ed a detailed review of its operations and history and found the alliance has done a good job in promoting the small business community.

Additonally the alliance has become the voice of the local small business community to local news outlets on stories related to Radcliff and Vine Grove and become the voice of northern Hardin County’s small business community on matters of regional interest.

In recognition of these findings, the board examined how the alliance can be more inclusive of small businesses within the region without fundamentally changing the current organization.

It was determined RSBA could allow expansion of the business membership for small businesses within the entire region with little effort. Rules have be adjusted to delete the restriction limiting membership to small businesses located within the boundaries of Radcliff and Vine Grove. Annual member­ship dues remain the same, though services might be changed for those outside the immediate area. For example, in lieu of on-site events a virtual event using social media might be held.

Changes will be made to the website to allow for new members. The board looks forward to welcoming these new small business members.