RSBA, Chamber hope for greater cooperation

Anne Flanagan/Submitted Chamber President and CEO Brad Richardson received a token from RSBA President Pam de Roche in appreciation for his comments at the June 2019 general membership meeting.

Talks of cooperation between the Hardin County Chamber of Comm­erce and the Radcliff Small Business Alliance were a major talking point at their June Membership meeting.

Chamber president and CEO Brad Richardson spoke at the meeting and shared ways the org­anizations could work together in the future, specifically with legislature.

Richardson said the two org­anizations could apply sales taxes on alcohol and restaurant sales in order to provide cities such as Rad­cliff with the same tax authority as Elizabethtown.

The chamber also is in favor of passing local incentive taxes for capital projects which would only last until the completion of the project.

RSBA also announced the expan­sion of their membership base from just those in Radcliff to those in the region. Annual membership dues are the same but services might differ for those outside of Radcliff and Vine Grove.

Anne and John Flanagan also were congratulated for their public relations work on behalf of the organization.

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