• Governor announces creation of auto industry association

    Gov. Steve Beshear said Kentucky ranks third nationally in the manufacturing of automobiles, but few recognize that fact on a national or international scale.

    “Today, we address that weakness,” Beshear said during a news conference Monday in Frankfort.

    Beshear announced the creation of the Kentucky Automotive Industry Association, a collaboration between automobile manufacturers, suppliers and supporting agencies in advancing and promoting the auto industry as it pursues growth.

  • Adjustable rate mortgages help homebuyers save

    Question: What are the pros and cons to an Adjustable Rate Mortgage?

    Answer: Adjustable rate mortgages generally fell out of favor after the 2008 real estate bust. Known as ARMs, adjustable rate mortgages were, and are, a home financing method that helps homebuyers reduce their initial monthly payments, minimize their down payment requirements and lower their initial annual percentage rate.

  • Signature HealthCARE takes over Woodland facility

    Signature HealthCARE assumed operations Tuesday of Kindred Nursing & Rehabilitation – Woodland, now Signature HealthCARE of Elizabethtown.

    SHC of Elizabethtown is a 112-bed nursing and rehabilitation center at 1117 Woodland Terrace. The center offers skilled-nursing, occupational and speech therapies, among other services.

    In addition to the Elizabethtown facility, the transaction included the following Kentucky nursing centers:

  • Fair is opportunity for applicants, employers

    Job seekers soon will have an opportunity to meet with employers looking to add to their staffs, and employers can meet with potential new hires.

    Four local agencies are combining forces to present the 2014 Regional Job and Career Fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. April 17 at Pritchard Community Center in Elizabethtown.

  • Hendrickson breaks ground on Elizabethtown manufacturing facility

    Gary Gerstenslager said Elizabethtown is not the first Kentucky destination Hendrickson USA considered to build a manufacturing facility, but it perfectly suits the needs of the company, which develops suspension systems and other parts for heavy duty trucks.

    Gerstenslager, the company’s president and CEO, said Elizabethtown has an impressive industrial park, a desirable environment and the type of skilled workforce Hendrickson craves to maintain its market share.

  • Recent winter weather impacts Kentucky’s cow-calf herds
  • Photo: Digital solutions available
  • Bill Rissel announces plans to retire

    After 23 years in the position, William J. Rissel will retire July 1 as president and chief executive officer of Fort Knox Federal Credit Union.

  • E'town approves lease agreement for one-stop career center

    Elizabethtown has entered a lease agreement with the state that clears the way for development of a one-stop Kentucky Career Center on Ring Road.

    The agreement would supply the Kentucky Department of Workforce Investment with office space at $15 per square foot for eight years, according to a municipal order approved by Elizabethtown City Council. The annual rental costs would amount to $210,810 for the full term of the lease, according to the city.

  • Focus on Finance: Get out of debt in 24 months or less

    Question: My family needs to get out of debt. We need a bare bones, step by step, nothing fancy, plan that works.

    Answer: Remember when we used to play Monopoly and we held the get-out-of-jail-free card” in case we hit the go-to-jail spot? It would be great if there was a get-out-of-debt-free card, but there isn’t. So, we have to do it the hard way.

    Today more people than ever before have serious debt. You could write a book on the problems excessive debt causes.