• Local agency recognized by Allstate

    As a business leader and involvement in the Elizabethtown area, Allstate exclusive agency owner Chris Grinstead has been designated an Allstate Premier Agency for 2014.

  • Focus on Finance: Finding a better return on savings

    Question: What are the pros and cons of CDs versus money market accounts?

    Answer: As interest rates continue to hover around record-low levels for most types of loans and deposit accounts, finding the best return on savings will take some research and, possibly, considering alternative solutions.

  • Springsteen named president/CEO of credit union

    Ray Springsteen took over Wednesday as president and chief executive officer of Fort Knox Federal Credit Union.

    Spring­steen, who previously served as executive vice president, succeeds William J. “Bill” Rissel, who retired after 23 years as CEO.

  • Retailer eyes Ring Road site for supercenter

    A regional retail grocery chain, long rumored for Eliza­bethtown, is planning to anchor a store and fuel station in the city, which would bring hundreds of new jobs to the area.

  • Focus on finance: How financially literate are you?

    Question: I consider myself to be pretty savvy in regard to our finances, however, I wonder if I know all I should. What should I know?

    Answer: How financially literate are you? Take this quiz and find out.

    1. Suppose you have $100 in a savings account earning 2 percent interest a year. After five years, how much would you have?

    a) More than $102

    b) Exactly $102

    c) Less than $102

    d) Don’t know


  • Focus on Finance: Income tax savings

    Question: How can I save on my Kentucky income tax next year?
    Answer: Kentucky now offers a tax credit called Endow Kentucky, which offers taxpayers an opportunity to help their community and receive a 20 percent income tax credit toward their Kentucky Income Tax. Applications can be completed now for the new tax credits, which become available July 1.

  • Work Matters: Transformed career center grows opportunity for job seekers, employers

    At Kentucky Career Center — Lincoln Trail, we’ve transformed the way we empower job seekers and employers.

    You might have heard we changed our name or you might have noticed the bright green arrow adopted as our new logo. But for job seekers and employers, our transformation means much more.

    We’re here with an unyielding dedication to connecting job seekers and employers. That means providing the career, job training and educational opportunities job seekers need and developing the qualified work force employers need.

  • Focus on Finance: Halfway through the year

    Question: Well, it’s June and my New Year’s Resolution is shot, what can I do to regain financial traction before the end for the year?

  • Work Matters column: Opportunity and economic growth rely on a skilled workforce

    As a small business owner, I learned many years ago that my success is dependent on a team of loyal, skilled employees. Ask any large employer and they’ll tell you the same. A business can’t exist, a profit can’t be made and an economy can’t thrive without skilled employees.

  • Focus on Finance: 9 legal tips every renter should know

    Question: My daughter is about to rent her first apartment. What advice can you give her before signing the lease?

    Answer: These tips were developed to help you understand general rights and obligations as a renter. Your rights and obligations most often are determined by the terms of your lease and laws that vary greatly among states and provinces. Speak with an experienced attorney who will review the lease document before you sign it and explain your rights and obligations.