• Hendrickson breaks ground on Elizabethtown manufacturing facility

    Gary Gerstenslager said Elizabethtown is not the first Kentucky destination Hendrickson USA considered to build a manufacturing facility, but it perfectly suits the needs of the company, which develops suspension systems and other parts for heavy duty trucks.

    Gerstenslager, the company’s president and CEO, said Elizabethtown has an impressive industrial park, a desirable environment and the type of skilled workforce Hendrickson craves to maintain its market share.

  • Recent winter weather impacts Kentucky’s cow-calf herds
  • Test driving vehicles to benefit Flaherty school

    Test driving a vehicle Saturday from Ray’s Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep of Brandenburg will mean added money for Flaherty Primary School.

    From 10 a.m.-2 p.m. during the Spring Bazaar at Flaherty Primary School, Ray’s will host a Chrysler “Drive For the Kids” fundraiser for the school.

    For every test drive taken during the bazaar, the school earns $10 from Chrysler to be put toward enrichment programs of the school’s choice. The event is in the parking lot at 2635 Flaherty Road in Ekron.

  • Where will I get income for retirement?

    Question: I just turned 40 and am concerned about how I will be able to have enough money for retirement. I am afraid Social Security will not be enough and right now that is all I have lined up. How can I get the extra income that I will need in retirement?

  • Weather’s impact on pasture weeds: What to expect in 2014

    Dr. J.D. Green, University of Kentucky Extension weed specialist, has conducted weed identification and control programs across the state, including one in Hardin County. He recently was asked to provide information to forage producers on the impact of the past year’s weather on pasture weeds. The following are his thoughts on this subject.

  • The latest in a long line of scams

    Question: What are the latest scams according to the BBB?


    1. IRS Phone Scams are on the rise. Scammers call, saying they are with the IRS, telling the taxpayer he or she owes money, then threatens the taxpayer with arrest unless they pay right away. Scammers also call “fishing” for personal information, claiming the taxpayer is owed a large refund.

  • Prevent income tax identity theft

    Question:Identity theft is such a huge issue right now. Is it possible for someone to file a tax return in someone’s else’s name?

  • 5 often-overlooked tax credits

    Question: Is itemizing on my taxes even worth the trouble?

    Answer: Many taxpayers choose to take the standard deduction instead of itemizing because they wrongfully assume it won’t be worth their time. Many people believe they can’t or shouldn’t itemize, but they need to do the math. Most of the time, the deductions add up to much more than they think.

  • Photo: Digital solutions available
  • Is your planter ready for spring?

    Last week, at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, John Deere released its new line of planters with its new ExactEmerge metering systems.

    Producers lined up for a chance to talk to Deere techs about the 48-row planter on display, while a sign hung above the planter that read, “Plants accurately at 10 mph.”