• Focus on finance: Paying for college: Advice for entrepreneur parents

    Question: As a small-business owner, I worry a lot about paying college tuition for my sons. The funds we invested in 15 years ago that were supposed to double in size to pay their tuition dropped in value during the Great Recession. So how do small-business owners pay for college?

  • Radcliff McDonald's closes for remodeling

    A McDonald’s location that has been a fixture in Radcliff for nearly 40 years is temporarily closed for extensive remodeling.

    The restaurant at 110 S. Dixie Blvd. and Lincoln Trail Boulevard closed July 31 and will undergo a full renovation, according to a news release from McDonald’s.

    The location, which has been open since 1974, is pending demolition. Construction is expected to begin mid-August, according to the release.

  • Mulberry Florist lands award for quality products, service

    The News-Enterprise

    Mulberry Florist in Elizabethtown has received the Award of Quality Achievement from BloomNet, one of the floral industry's leading wire service providers.

    Located at 811 N. Mulberry St., Mulberry Florist won the award for floral products and customer service from the BloomNet Florist Quality Care Program, according to a news release.


  • Cox, SERVPRO of Hardin/LaRue Counties, earn award

    The News-Enterprise

    DeWayne Cox, owner of Servpro of Hardin/LaRue Counties, received the Director's Silver award for outstanding revenue performance during Servpro’s 44th annual convention June 17-21 in Anaheim, Calif.

  • Focus on finance: Bank On Central Kentucky explained

    Question: What is Bank On Central Kentucky?

  • Should you spray? Guidelines for economical corn fungicide decisions

    With today’s corn prices and this year’s awesome yield potential, producers are looking for every way possible to increase yield. From new, more accurate planting and harvesting equipment, to stacked trait seed corn, to irrigation systems, it seems anything that has a possibility of increasing gross income goes.

  • Photo: Berger learns about burgers

    Following a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new White Castle restaurant Friday, Elizabethtown Mayor Edna Berger was invited into the kitchen to learn to prepare burgers on the state-of-the-art steam grill.

    Daniel J. Wooldridge, the company's senior training and development manager, provided her instruction. He has spent the past week with the 50 employees of the restaurant, which replaces the previous White Castle building on the same spot off U.S. 62 near the Interstate 65 interchange.

  • Avoid getting entangled in fraudulent investments

    Question: I am an educated person and consider myself to be intelligent. I hate to miss out on an opportunity, but even I have been duped a time or two by “fast talkers” trying to part me from my money. How can I eliminate that problem in the future?


    Location: Next to McAlister's Deli on North Dixie Avenue in Elizabethtown across from Kohl's Department Store
    Developer: Mike Pence, Steve Mouser
    What is going in: Building shell for potential tenants
    Size of lot: 2.5 acres
    Cost: $350,000
    Source: City of Elizabethtown Planning and Development

  • White Castle returns Sunday

    Those who have craved White Castle since February when it closed the doors to its store at exit 94 of Interstate 65 need not fret any longer.

    The popular hamburger chain returns to Elizabethtown on Sunday in a newly built facility. The company demolished its previous restaurant to modernize its local presence.

    “They don’t have to go to Disney World to come to Tomorrowland,” said Vice President Jamie Richardson of the new building.