• Focus on finance: Tips on updating beneficiaries

    Question: I just updated my will naming my new wife as sole beneficiary. Do I need to also update my 401(k) and life insurance beneficiary or will updating my will suffice?

    Answer: Neglecting to update beneficiaries, or failing to name them, may leave life insurance and retirement accounts to unintended recipients, create probate expenses and cause tax problems. Having a will does not avoid these issues. The best prevention is having updated beneficiary designations.

  • Thank a dairy farmer this month
  • Managing your stored wheat

    With winter wheat harvest set to begin in the next couple of weeks in Hardin County, producers need to keep a few things in mind when storing the harvested crop.

    Unless producers take their wheat crop directly to market, the work is not finished when harvest is complete. Stored wheat needs proper care to maintain quality.

    Sanitation, aeration and monitoring are crucial points to remember when storing your grain during the summer months.

  • Nolin RECC plans 75th annual meeting

    Nolin RECC invites its members and the community to attend the 2013 annual meeting to enjoy the classic country music and humor of Mike Snider and to visit booths and exhibits designed for the family fun.

  • Fescue and spring breeding

    Good old KY31 Fescue. It “holds most of this part of the world together” by preventing soil erosion, etc., and provides an excellent, high-yielding, high-quality durable forage for nearly all species of livestock. Unfortunately, it comes with baggage. mainly in the form of an endophyte or fungus that lives in the plant and provides it protection from natural biological predators. It can cause real problems to some livestock species during certain periods of their life.

  • Focus on finance: Focusing on budgets

    Question: I need help on saving money. I’m terrible at it and I’m tired of being broke. Help, please.

  • Miracle products and foo foo dust

    “Increase your profits and production for just pennies per acre.”

    Haven’t we all seen or heard such tempting claims about various products. But is it real? You know the pitch. Maybe it’s a fescue or bermudagrass that yields 20 tons per acre. Or a foliar fertilizer that doubles alfalfa production. It could be a soil enhancer that makes water wetter or releases more nutrients from your soil. Or possibly a microbial inoculant that allows you to safely bale or store wet hay.

  • Yes, you can direct IRA money to your church

    Question: I was told I can give my IRA required minimum distribution to my local church and receive a tax break. How is that possible?

  • Photos: Ollie's opening in Radcliff
  • Focus on finance: Save yourself the scramble

    Question: I know it seems crazy to want to talk about taxes in May when everyone is just recuperating from April’s deadline, however, I am a new entrepreneur and I want to start things out right and not have to scramble next March, Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.