• Required minimum IRA distributions

    Question:How can I avoid taking the required annual minimum distribution from my IRA?


    Answer:A federal law provides an opportunity to direct gifts to a charity directly from individual retirement accounts (IRAs) without the distribution counting as personal income. These qualified charitable distributions also count toward the annual required minimum distribution (RMD).

  • Grazing corn residue

    This summer during the Hardin County Cattlemen’s Association’s chartered motor coach tour to Ohio, we were given the opportunity to hear a presentation by Stan Smith, a beef specialist with Ohio State University Extension. Stan is located in Fairfield County just east of Columbus and has conducted numerous demonstrations over the years and has done some cutting-edge work with grazing oats planted in late summer for fall and early winter grazing. He also edits a monthly beef cattle newsletter that is a team effort of the Ohio State University Beef Extension staff.

  • Local man says he’ll run for governor

    A local U.S. Army veteran said he retired from the military after God called him to run for public office.

    Robert Lee Rosier, an Elizabethtown man who is running as a Republican, has filed a letter of intent with the Registry of Election Finance to challenge for the governor’s seat in 2015.

    Hardin County Clerk Kenny Tabb said candidates can file letters of intent early for the governor’s race but cannot formally file for the office until after the general election in 2014.

  • PSC public comment session on Big Rivers rate case cancelled

    A meeting scheduled next Tuesday in Henderson to take comment and provide information on Big Rivers Electric Corp.’s proposed rate increases has been canceled due to expected severe weather.
    The state Public Service Commission said staff is trying to reschedule the session regarding the proposal.
    The rate increase is estimated to increase monthly residential bills by about $25 to $30 per month to partially offset the loss of about $175 million in annual revenue after Century Aluminum smelter in Sebree ceases to be a Big Rivers customer at the end of

  • Retirement plan contribution limits set

    Question: Have the IRS’ limits for 2014 Retirement Plans been released?

    Answer: Many of the retirement plan annual limits are indexed for inflation. The IRS has just released the plan limits for 2014. Let’s look at those limits in some detail below.

    Contribution Limits: IRA contributions are unchanged at $5,500. Catch-up contributions remain at $1,000.

    Plan deferral limits are unchanged at $17,500. Catch-up contributions remain at $5,500.

  • RSBA promotion encourages customers to shop small

    With the holiday shopping season about to go full swing, the Radcliff Small Business Alliance started a promotion to draw shopping dollars into member businesses.

    The 5 for 5 promotion is meant to encourage shoppers to spend $5 in five RSBA member businesses for a chance to win $500. Cards used to keep track of the purchases can be picked up at any participating alliance member, board member John Flanagan said.

    Flanagan said the idea originated from two RSBA members, Tamara Ohler and Pam Ogden-Crum, as a way to get customers into member’s stores.

  • Corn variety trials provide guidance on seed selection

    As harvest concludes, many Hardin County farmers already have begun planning for 2014.  A major item on the planning list is variety selection for the 2014 corn crop. Variety can be one of the most crucial factors in determining yield and careful thought should be put in to determining what seed to plant on what acre.

    The largest local corn variety trial in the state is the University of Kentucky’s. This year, varieties from 15 companies who market seed corn in the state, are compared at five different test sites.

  • Focus on finance: Avoid holiday financial stress

    Question: I get all stressed out when I face Christmas shopping and debt from Christmas gift purchases. Is there a way I can have the money I need when I need it without going into debt?

    Answer: Many people have these same feelings this time of year. There is not an instant formula which will help you short term, but there are longer term behavior changes that will solve your problem. See the 10 commandments of personal finance below. Now is the time to resolve to change your habits for financial success.

  • Nov. 17, 2013, Focus on Finance: Plan ahead for the holidays

    By Leanna Milby 


    Question: Every year, I promise myself the same thing, to be more financially responsible during the holiday season. Please share some (realistic) pointers to make this the year I actually do it.

  • Focus on finance: Are you paid up?

    Question: What is a “paid-up” status with my life insurance policy?

    Answer: You might still be making payments on your life insurance policy despite the fact that its cash value is sufficient to maintain your coverage. In that case, you may have better use for the money you’re paying as premiums. Find out now if you’ve achieved a paid-up status.