• Local gun sales spike

    Hardin County residents are locked and loaded.

    Sales throughout the county show a dramatic increase in the number of firearms sold by sporting goods stores, pawn shops and gun stores.

    Ron Timmer, manager of Kwick-Kash Pawn Shop on North Dixie Boulevard in Radcliff, said he has seen the national trend of a spike in firearms and ammunition sales reach Hardin County.

    “You wouldn’t believe it, that’s how much it’s increased,” he said.

  • Ten steps to financial fitness

    Question: It is New Year’s resolution time. Now that I am older my resolution is moving away from the “get physically fit” arena and moving more towards the “get financially fit” arena. Can you give me some advice that is easy to follow and can set me on the right track for 2013?

    Answer: As we look back on 2012 we may soon realize there were many areas that we made significant progress and some areas we still need to improve.

  • Business boom: Local fitness centers expect membership spike

    Area gyms and trainers are preparing for the new year, which annually brings in a slew of new members trying to lose holiday pounds and get started on New Year’s resolutions.

    A few new businesses in the county will be part of the local rush to the treadmills for the first time.

    VIP Fitness owner Randy Campbell said he dislikes when he hears some people in the fitness industry say they hate when people trying to keep new resolutions rush to the gym, only to stop coming soon after.

  • With gifts unwrapped, it's time for returns

    As much a part of the holidays as twinkling lights and shiny ornaments, the trip to the store after Christmas to take back unwanted gifts is a ritual that wraps up the season.

    But today isn’t the day of store returns like is popularly thought, said George Ramsden, the manager of J.C. Penney in Towne Mall.

  • What type of life insurance is best?

    Question: How do I know what type of life insurance will serve my needs best?

    Answer: You can use life insurance to pay for final expenses, estate taxes, or leave an estate for the use of your heirs. Here are some policy types to choose from:

  • Focus on finance: Small businesses’ credit profiles improving: Is yours?

    Question: As a small business owner it hasn’t been easy since the recession hit, but I can honestly say the situation forced me to really monitor my credit very closely. Has that been the norm with other small business owners?

  • Bank doubles dividend once again

    Kentucky Neighborhood Bank is continuing to see growth and shareholders will see the bank’s dividend double once again, moving from $1 to $2, KNB President and CEO Ronnie Pence said.

    It doubled at the beginning of this year from 50 cents per share to $1.

    “That means the bank’s doing very well,” Pence said.

    Pence said the bank had another profitable year and he feels blessed to work in Hardin County.

  • Feds change tobacco crop insurance provision

    Dr. Bob Pearce, tobacco specialist at the University of Kentucky, recently released an email in an effort to make tobacco producers aware of a significant change made by the Risk Management Agency in the special provisions for tobacco federal crop insurance effective in 2013. The following statement appears in the “Special Provisions of Insurance” 2013 and Succeeding Years for Burley Tobacco:

    “Tobacco will not be insurable on any acreage planted to tobacco in the two (2) previous crop years.”

  • Converting a 401(k) to a Roth IRA

    Question: Should I convert my company 401(k) plan directly to a Roth IRA?

    Answer: As you approach retirement, you may consider converting your company’s defined contribution plan to an IRA. Your own IRA generally gives you a wider investment choice and more control over your money than a company plan does. But, now, you can convert directly to a Roth IRA rather to a traditional IRA first. Should you?

  • Hay testing a wise investment

    With the drought this past summer, hay supplies are expected to be lower than normal going into the winter and quality is going to be a concern as well. To accurately, efficiently and economically determine your feeding and supplementation program, having your forages tested certainly should be a priority.

    Producers in Hardin County have two good options available to them to provide them with accurate forage testing results.