Cecilia man charged with wanton endangerment

A Cecilia man was arrested early Sunday morning and charged with multiple offenses, including first-degree wanton endangerment and driving under the influence.

John Elliott, 33, was arrested by the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office after  leaving a party Saturday night when he stated he would return and kill them all. The arrest citation said Elliott then drove toward a group of around 40 people.

According to the citation, one person attempted to get the car out of gear or remove the keys, which resulted in the person’s back and arm being run over.

Elliott then drove thro­ugh a cattle fence and struck a car, which also damaged a motorcycle, the citation said. Estimated damage exceeds $1,000.

Bystanders were able to stop Elliott’s vehicle while he was trying to flee the scene.

The citation said Elliott had a heavy slur in his speech and was reported to be on something. Elliott was not in possession of a license.

The Hardin County EMS reported the subject stated “I’m super epic mega drunk, bro.” The citation said Elliott again said he was drunk in the emergency room.

According to the citation, during an implied consent notice, Elliott spat at an officer’s pants and boot then stated he wanted to contact an attorney.

A cell phone was laid on Elliot’s bed by his arm, but he did not attempt to pick it up, the citation said. When assisted, Elliott gave inconsistent numbers.

The citation said EMS advised they detected the odor of marijuana during contact with Elliott.

Elliott was charged with second-degree assault; first-degree criminal mischief; first-degree wanton-endangerment; leaving the scene of an accident; second offense operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs; third-degree terroristic threatening; and license to be in possession.

Elliot is being held at the Hardin County Detention Center. He has a Hardin Circuit Court video arraignment scheduled for 8:30 a.m. today.

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