Trial opens in family rape case

Robert Jamieson listens Friday morning as his granddaughter testifies against him. Jamieson, 63, is charged with felony rape, sodomy, incest and sexual abuse.

For more than two hours Friday, a now 13-year-old girl recounted events from 2017 when she says she was sexually assaulted multiple times by her grandfather in his Radcliff home.

The assaults, she said, started on her 11th birthday in 2017 and ended on Christmas Eve of the same year.

Robert Pat Jamieson, 63, was arrested Jan. 5, 2018 — four days after the girl told Lorrie Jamieson, who she said she considers her mother, about the assaults. Lorrie is Robert Jamieson’s former girlfriend. Although they never married, she legally changed her last name to simplify school and medical matters, she testified.

Lorrie and Robert Jamieson broke up in 2012 and though he biologically is the girl’s grand­father, he and Lorrie ag­reed the girl should live with her, Lorrie Jamieson testified Friday. They worked it out the girl would visit him on week­ends and then it became every other weekend.

The girl told a Hardin Cir­cuit Court jury of 10 women and four men she couldn’t remember how many times she was sexually assaulted.

“I know it was a lot,” she said in Judge Kelly Mark Easton’s courtroom.

As she was questioned by Assistant Com­mon­wealth’s Attorney Teresa Logsdon, at one point she said Robert Jamieson made her get naked every other weekend when she was at his home for visits.

She said the first time he allegedly assaulted her was on her birthday when he told her to go into his bedroom as he sat in his living room recliner. She did and when he joined her, he told her to get undress­ed and she did. So did he, tel­l­­ing her “Happy birthday” as he did, she said, and he then made her get into his bed.

“He touched me basically all over with his hands,” she testified, frequently looking at her grandfather at the defense table during his testimony.

“He started to have sex with me,” she said.

She said later that day — a Sunday — he told her not to tell anyone what had occurred.

She said he told her, “If you tell anyone, I will kill you or myself.”

He was indicted three weeks after he was arrested on three Class A felony charges of first-­degree rape; first-­degree sodomy and in­cest, all pu­n­ishable by 20 to 50 years, or life in prison, if convicted; one count of first-degree sexual abuse, a Class C felony pun­ishable by five to 10 years in prison, if convicted; and third-­de­gree terroristic threatening, a misdemeanor.

All of the alleged assaults occurred inside Robert Jamieson’s home, the girl testified.

On Jan. 1, 2018, the girl a­pp­roached Lorrie Jamieson and told her about the alleged abuse, the girl said.

The girl said she “had enough” and decided to tell. She said she had not told anyone else to that point because “she was scared.”

Lorrie Jamieson said initially she became angry with what she heard and then she called the child’s godfather, who advised her to contact Kentucky State Police, which she did.

An investigation began and a forensics examination was per­formed. According to an open­ing statement by Logsdon, DNA of the girl and her grandfather were found on a sexual de­vice the child said was used by Robert Jamieson.

Jamieson’s attorney, public defender Erin Hartman, said her client was “an innocent man” in her opening statement. She said he has been charged with the “most atrocious thing that you can be charged with.”

“He sits here today innocent of those charges,” she said.

Hartman questioned the girl for about 30 minutes Fri­day afternoon.

At one point, she asked her if she had talked to Lorrie Jamieson about what to say du­r­ing her appearance.

The girl said, “We don’t talk anything about this in my house.”

The girl is the daughter of one of Robert Jamieson’s children, who has not had custody of the child since she was about 3 months old, Lorrie Jamieson told the court.

The girl and Lorrie Jamie­son testified she never had not wanted to go to her grandfather’s home following her 11th birthday.

“It made me feel like I’m the one who caused it,” the girl testified. “I told him to stop.”

Logsdon then asked her, ‘Did he stop?”

“No,” she said.

Jamieson has been held in the Hardin County Detention Center since Jan. 6, 2018. He is being held in lieu of a $250,000 cash bond.

The trial is scheduled to continue Monday morning.

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