Building safety and upgrades are a major focal point for the Elizabethtown Community and Technical College Board of Directors.

Brent Holsclaw, chief finance and facilities officer for ECTC, said Friday a few things included in the college’s plan for the next six years are a $25 million request to upgrade the Occupational Technical Building, which houses many of the college’s technical programs, and updates to the Leitchfield and Springfield campuses.

Holsclaw also told the board he wished for the Automotive/Diesel Techno­logy program, currently housed in the Occupational Technical Building, to be relocated. This would open up space that could allow the college to expand its culinary program.

“This is all speculation,” he said during the board’s meeting in Leitchfield. “This is Brent talking, this has not been necessarily approved by Dr. Pate and certainly hasn’t been approved by this board or the Board of Regents or (Council on Postsecondary Education) or state legislators.”

Juston Pate, president of ECTC, said upgrading the Occupational Technical Building would be important to the college.

“OTB renovation is our No. 1 need, not just as a college, but as a region,” he said. “Because when companies come to visit the training facilities, what they’re seeing in Greenville, South Carolina, and Franklin, Tennessee, and all these communities that have invested in their technical training – they’re seeing advanced manufacturing centers that are 21st century, truly.

“But when they come to see ours, they’re walking through 1964,” Pate added.

ECTC requested a $14.9 million renovation of the Occu­pation Technical Buil­ding in 2017, but it was not funded by the state legislature.

Holsclaw also went over a recently implemented security system called the Path Hallway Navigation System, which was developed by R6 Counter Assault Sys­tems founder Montey Chappell.

The system, which is designed to help first-responders navigate a building in an emergency, involves designating hallways with a reflective numbered sign to streamline communication.

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